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The best gift ideas for health and fitness lovers

gifts for fitness loversIt’s that time of the year when you’re probably starting to think about gift ideas for Christmas. Buying gifts for fitness lovers can sometimes be tricky in terms of figuring out what they need and what they’re really going to like. That’s why I’ve put together these fitness gifts ideas, including some ‘out of the box’ solutions that you might not have thought of. I’ve included different price points so you can easily choose the health and fitness gifts that fit your budget. Note that the price categories were accurate at the time of publishing but latest prices may vary.

Gifts for fitness lovers under $20

1. A healthy, eco friendly drink bottle

There are a huge variety of drink bottles on the market, and they make fantastic gifts for fitness lovers. Hydration is crucial to performance, and even if your loved one already has a drink bottle, it can be useful to have a second one. As a health and fitness coach I know that many people struggle with simple things such as getting organized. Forgetting ones drink bottle is a common occurrence! Having an extra drink bottle on hand means that your loved one can keep one at work or at the gym, so they never have to worry about forgetting it. It’s just one small gesture that will help them move closer to their goals. Hopefully it will also eliminate the need to buy plastic bottles.

Personally, I would recommend purchasing a stainless steel or glass drink bottle. These make great fitness gifts because they have been designed with both health, and the environment in mind. This stainless steel double walled bottle makes a very good choice because it comes with two BPA free sports tops. Having an appropriate lid for easy access while exercising makes all the difference because you don’t need to stop and unscrew the lid. Sometimes this can mean the difference between drinking sufficient water, or not because it’s a ‘hassle’. Additionally, the bottles should last almost forever, but the lids do need replacing. Therefore it’s useful that this one includes two bonus lids (three altogether).

2. A sprouting starter kit

Soaking foods like nuts, seeds, grains and legumes can help provide the body with added nutrition. Food also becomes easier to digest. Sprouting takes it a step further, and is simple to do. Sprouting starter kits make excellent gifts for fitness lovers who are focused on health and nutrition. Every if they already have a sprouting jar, it can be useful to have a few of them to sprout more than one thing at a time.

3. A book or dvd

There are numerous amazing books and dvds on offer for health and fitness lovers. Think about what your loved one is most into. If it’s healthy food, then look no further than the Food Matters website. They have a great selection of dvds about the state of the food system and how to lead a healthy lifestyle through food choices. Most of them are priced at just under $20. Some of their ebooks are under $10, and all of them are under $20.

(To step this idea up a notch, you could also consider a subscription to FoodMattters online video channel FMTV. See my bonus idea at the bottom of the page).

There are many other books that make great gifts for fitness lovers. One of my personal favorites is by fitness industry guru Paul Chek. This was one of the first books that inspired me towards a holistic health and fitness approach. It’s suitable for the everyday person and provides solutions for different areas of health including exercise, nutrition and sleep.

If you want to buy a new cookbook for your loved one, check out my favorite healthy picks.

Gifts for fitness lovers under $50

4. A kombucha starter kit

Most health and fitness lovers heave probably heard about the benefits of fermented foods and drinks. Maybe you’ve even heard your loved one talking about drinks such as water kefir or kombucha? These can be quite expensive to buy when they’re ‘ready made’, but it’s pretty easy to make your own at home, for a tiny fraction of the price of a ‘bought one’. So a kombucha starter kit is one of my favorite gift ideas for fitness lovers.

5. A good quality yoga mat

Whether your loved one is an experienced yogi, or you know they just want to get into a regular yoga habit, yoga mats make excellent gift ideas for fitness lovers. A high quality yoga mat should last for years, and it can be a lot nicer to practice on than many of the cheap varieties. Choose an eco-friendly yoga mat like this, which is durable, and made from eco-friendly material (no latex, PVC or toxic chemicals in sight).

Yoga can be a great option to help you with stress relief. If you’re looking for some Christmas stress relief tips, find out how to keep stress in check this silly season.

6. Sweat-proof ear phones

Are you looking for gifts for fitness lovers who also like music? Maybe your loved one enjoys zoning out with their favorite tunes to distract themselves from exercise, or they just like to hit the gym without talking to people?! Luckily there are options for sweat-proof ear phones that are designed with fitness buffs in mind.

7. A foam roller

If you know that your loved one suffers from muscle aches, pains and tightness, a foam roller can help a lot. Not only for aches and pains, foam rollers can also help a lot with workout performance, and also recovery. There are a lot of cheap brands out there. Feel free to shop around but be aware that the materials used may not last as well as some of the high quality brands. One that I highly recommend and use myself is trigger point performance. Their trigger point foam rollers come with instructional videos. As well as foam rollers they have a number of other great products for muscle release that come in under $50. These include a quad roller and their trigger point balls. For a little over $100 you can get a full set including everything, which is the best value option.

Gifts for fitness lovers under $100

8. Beach Body Programs

Beach Body is a leading provider of fitness, nutrition and weight loss programs. They offer a range of programs which include challenging workouts, easy to follow diet guidelines, nutritional supplements, superior customer service, and a peer support system. These programs make awesome gifts for fitness lovers who are after an all-in-one package including nutrition, exercise, and support along the journey. They’re also fab for those who need a bit of a push to get off to a great start for the new year.

Program prices vary depending on what they include, but most of the fitness centered ones come in at around $60 + postage, and can be split into three payments. A few of the many possible Beach Body gifts for fitness lovers include:

  • PiYo – a low impact, high intensity workout program to improve strength, cardio and flexibility. Click here to check details and prices.
  • 21 Day Fix – for simple 30 minute workouts and simple meal plans for great results. Click here to check details and prices.
  • Tai Cheng – A low impact exercise program based on Tai Chi principles to strengthen muscles, improve mobility and reduce the risk of injury. Click here to check details and prices.
  • Focus T25 – A workout program for busy people with workouts that take 25 minutes per day. Click here to check details and prices.
  • CIZE – a dance workout program for those who love to dance but hate to work out! Click here to check details and prices.

9. An anytime, anywhere workout kit

A TRX suspension kit is perfect for working out anytime, anywhere. These make great gifts for fitness lovers who want the flexibility of working out indoors, outdoors or while they’re traveling. It takes less than a minute to set up and there are hundreds of exercises that can be done with it. A fantastic option for fitness lovers who want to focus on their core muscles.

Gifts for fitness lovers under $500

10. 1:1 health and fitness coaching

gifts for fitness loversPerhaps you want to do something extra special for your loved one this Christmas. Purchasing them their very own 1:1 health and fitness coach (like me!) offers them a completely personalized approach. It can set them up for a fantastic year ahead. I am an online coach with a holistic health and fitness approach, so I can support your loved one step by step towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Choose a kick-starter package for those who are new to fitness, or are getting back into it after a long while. A ‘kick-butt’ package is ideal for those who want to take things to the next level. As a health and fitness coach who offers a superior service, I am also happy to make your service based fitness gifts extra special. I can do this by making a voucher and sending it via snail mail with a Christmas card (given enough notice). Otherwise I can create a special, personalized welcome email for your loved one if you’ve left your gift buying a bit late!

The Elly McGuinness Kick-Starter Program

Get your fitness headed in the right direction in just 6 weeks!

11. A fitbit tracker

For the fitness enthusiast who enjoys detail and technology, look no further than a fitbit tracker. These make great gifts for fitness lovers who like to track things like heart rate and calories burned. Fitbit trackers have lots of features including the ability to track sleep, an inbuilt GPS, and even personalized guided breathing sessions based on the users heart rate. Runners may be interested in seeing real-time stats like pace an distance as they run.

By the way, you can read these tips to stay on track with your fitness over Christmas and New Year.

12. A juicer

Juicers can make great gifts for fitness lovers who want to maximize their nutrient intake. This is a wonderful gift for someone who wants to take their health to the next level. You can purchase a high quality juicer for under $300. You’ll find them a lot cheaper too, but might risk purchasing a low quality product. Do a bit of research and read the reviews from others.

Bonus idea! A health and fitness video subscription

Doesn’t quite fit into any of the “under XXX” categories but if you’re loved ones are really committed to a more healthy lifestyle, then consider subscribing them to FMTV; an online video channel dedicated to healthy living. Think of it as a Netflix for healthy people where they can find targeted video content such as yoga and exercise programmes.

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