8 Effective TRX Back Exercises That You Can Do At Home Or Anywhere

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Today’s guest post focuses on a fantastic piece of fitness equipment that you may have heard of and might already own! I’m a big fan of any time, anywhere, functional exercise. The TRX is a high-quality, portable piece of kit (also known as a ‘Suspension Trainer’) that certainly fits into that philosophy. I’ve already featured it in my collaborative article about the best home exercise equipment options as recommended by professionals. Thanks to Kyle, a basketball trainer in Tampa, Florida, for sharing these eight awesome TRX back exercises. I hope you enjoy trying them out! – Elly xx

Whether you are a TRX expert or are just now realizing what those yellow straps are at the gym, this fitness training article is for you. Suspension training is an excellent way to use your body weight to become more muscular and toned and get in overall better shape. 


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Getting prepared for your trx straps workout

What allows the TRX to work so well is the ability to increase or decrease the difficulty level of the exercise to match your current level of strength. This works by simply adjusting the angle of the body when using the TRX straps. The more your body is angled to the floor, the more challenging the exercise.

So, your body’s starting position should be closer to the floor for more advanced TRX back exercises. Beginners should position themselves with a slight lean back to be closer to being upright.

And, even mid-set, if you feel like your muscles are fatigued, you can adjust your angle to finish the final reps. This is going to be great for really developing your muscles. 

Before you get started with these TRX exercises for back, make sure you have set your TRX up using a strong overhead anchor point. This should be between seven and nine feet off the ground.

There are many options for anchor points, which your environment will largely dictate. Possibilities include railings, playground bars, the ceiling, or over a door. Most importantly, your chosen anchor point must be strong enough to hold a load heavier than your body weight.

Back exercises with TRX

There are a lot of great TRX exercises out there, and you can definitely choose a TRX full-body workout if you choose. However, this article is going to talk specifically about TRX back exercises. It will highlight several movements like the TRX low row and TRX high row to work your upper body and even a few lower back stretches. 

They’re fantastic for back and core strength, and you can do them anywhere. So please take advantage of these different TRX exercises and use them in your next TRX back workout. 

By the way, if you’re after a simple bodyweight workout that you can do at home (without any equipment), grab it via the button below.

Otherwise, read on for some effective exercise ideas to work your back using the TRX so you can incorporate them into your future workout plans.

1. TRX Back Exercise – Low Deltoid Fly

This TRX exercise will focus on the upper back and shoulder area, specifically the trapezius and posterior deltoids. It will use the reverse fly motion to help isolate these muscles. When doing this exercise, focus on controlling your movements’ speed. 

Exercise Directions: With a handle in each hand, ensure a secure grip, and then lean backward. Your palms should be facing each other with your arms out fully extended.

Pull yourself up and forward from this position by bringing your hands out in a reverse-fly motion. As you are doing this, pinch your shoulder blades together. Once at the top, lower yourself back down at a controlled speed. This completes one repetition. 

trx back exercises - trx low deltoid flye

2. TRX Split Deltoid Fly Exercise

Like the previous exercise, this TRX back exercise will isolate and hit your upper back and shoulders at a slightly different angle. This exercise will have you go up and down with your arms rather than out the side. It is the same concept, but moving your arms at a different angle to work the muscles. 

Exercise Directions: With a handle in each hand, you will lean backward. Start with your palms facing each other with your arms fully extended. Pull yourself up and forward from this position by bringing your right hand straight up and your left hand straight down. As you’re doing this, squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Once you reach the top, lower yourself back down in a controlled motion. This completes one repetition. Continue this pattern in a full range of motion for the desired amount of repetitions, but make sure that you switch which hand goes up and down each time. 

trx back exercises - trx split deltoid fly

3. TRX Mid-Row Exercise

This TRX body row exercise focuses on the latissimus dorsi, mid traps, and rhomboids in the middle of your back. It will also highlight your posterior deltoids and bicep muscles. It’s an ideal alternative to a traditional upper back exercise like a bent-over row. With controlled movements and the right body angle, you can really challenge yourself with this TRX exercise. 

Exercise Directions: Grab a TRX handle with each hand (palms facing each other), then lower yourself backward at the appropriate angle with your arms straight.

To pull yourself back up, bring your hands towards your chest, bending at the elbows. Your knuckles should be almost touching at the top position.

From here, lower yourself back down in a controlled motion. Continue this pattern for the desired amount of repetition. 

trx back exercises - trx mid row exercise

4. TRX Single-Arm Mid-Row Exercise

Another great way to make TRX back exercises more challenging is using only one arm. So while this is the same as the TRX row exercise above, it will only allow you to use one arm at a time. This single-limb exercise can help you isolate and develop your upper back and help correct muscle size imbalance. 

Exercise Directions: Take hold of one of the strap’s handles with your right hand. Now lean backward at the appropriate difficulty angle for yourself, positioning yourself closer to the floor for a more challenging exercise.

From here, pull yourself back up and hold at the top briefly before lowering yourself back down. Continue this pattern for the desired amount of repetitions, and then switch over to your left hand to repeat the one-arm row on that side. 

trx back exercises - trx single arm mid row exercise

5. TRX Power Pull Exercise

This TRX high-row exercise really helps you to develop your upper back muscles as you only use one arm at a time. It will also help to build your core muscles, making it an excellent postural exercise. And, as with most TRX exercises, by simply adjusting the angle of your body, you can find the right difficulty level for this exercise. 

Exercise Directions: Start by grabbing one of the straps with your right hand. From here, keep your core tight and lean backward. Open your body, so your left arm is back and towards the ground.

Now, pull yourself back upwards with your right arm, and as you do, bring your left arm up and forward as you rotate at your core.

Lower yourself back to the original starting position and perform the next repetition. After the desired amount of repetitions with your right arm, switch to your left arm, and repeat. Adjust your straps and position your body closer to the floor for a more advanced version of this exercise.

trx back exercises - trx power pull exercise

6. TRX Overhead Squat Exercise

This TRX exercise will focus on the back, but it will also include a squat. It’s similar to a traditional overhead squat, but it is a lot safer for your body. 

Exercise Directions: Grab the TRX handles and lift them straight over your head. Keeping the tension on the straps, lean slightly backward. Now, lower yourself into a squat position (keeping the straps tight the whole time), and then stand back up. Continue this pattern for the desired amount of repetitions. 

trx back exercises - trx overhead squat exercise

7. TRX Hip Hinge Stretch

A big part of what determines the flexibility in your back is how tight your hips are. If they are tight, you’ll likely have a tight lower back as well. This TRX exercise is more of a stretch than counting out repetitions, but it will help with keeping your back loose. 

Exercise Directions: Start by standing straight up and down with your hands on the handles. Lean forward at the waist while you raise your hands above your head. As you do this, keep tension on the straps with your arms and sit back with your hips. This will give your back and hips a nice, full stretch.  

trx back exercises - trx hip hinge stretch

8. TRX Lower Back Stretch

This TRX back stretch allows your body weight to do all the work. All you need to do is find a good angle, twist, and let gravity do the job. This stretch is perfect for loosening up after doing exercises like the TRX low row and TRX back row. It is also a great stretch to add to your regular stretching routine before or after a workout. 

Exercise Directions: Grab onto a handle with each hand and then begin to sit back, bending at the waist. While you are doing this, keep your legs straight. Once you find a comfortable position, slowly rotate your torso and feel the stretch on either side of your lower back. Hold this position for as long as needed, then lift yourself back up.  

trx back exercises - trx lower back stretch

8 TRX Back Exercises That You Should Be Doing

Whether you want to mix up your workouts or try something new, TRX exercises are an excellent tool. And as you can see from this list of TRX back exercises, you can work on more than one muscle group at a time.

This list was all about developing and strengthening your back, but most of the exercises also included secondary muscle groups. For example, TRX rows work into the back, rear deltoids, and biceps, which, depending on your objectives, may mean you can skip isolated TRX bicep exercises altogether. This will allow you to maximize your gym time better. 

TRX suspension trainers currently retail between $229.95 and $279.95.

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TRX Chest Exercises and more

If you’re ready for additional TRX training, check out these effective TRX exercises for your chest muscles. They offer an excellent balance for the back exercises in this post, whether you do them in the same or a different workout. Plus, check out these TRX leg exercises for an excellent lower-body workout.

So take advantage of all of these super back TRX exercises! Maybe you even want to add some TRX pull-ups or team this workout with a jump rope workout routine that works your entire body?

And if you have any questions or feedback about suspension training, please don’t hesitate to share below in the comments. 

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