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Is this the right website for me?

There is an ever-increasing load of holistic health blogs, articles and resources on this website so I’ve created this page to help you quickly find some useful starting points.

First things first though… make sure you’re comfortable with my holistic health and fitness philosophy by visiting the ‘About’ page.

Once you’re comfortable with that, then use the other questions in this block to quickly link yourself to useful ‘starting points’ and answers you’re seeking from my holistic blogs and this website in general.

If you enjoy what you hear or see, I hope you’ll allow me to stay in touch.

Do you want to burn fat/lose weight with sustainable results?

If you want to break free from dieting and lose weight in a sustainable way that will work for you, listen to the audio files in the first link and have a read of the blog in the second link.

Download these free fat burning audio interviews with three holistic health and fitness experts.

Some answers to achieving sustainable weight loss AND the question “Why can’t I burn fat/lose weight?”

Who is Elly McGuinness?

I can assure you that I’m a real, live, human being with a heart, soul and smile.

More importantly, I have the appropriate qualifications and experience (almost 20 years) to help you on your health and fitness journey.

If you want, you can confirm that and learn a bit more about my story on the ‘Meet Elly’ page.

If you’re after real evidence that I can help you on your health and fitness journey, you may find stories from some of my clients useful to read.

Again, if you enjoy what you find, I hope you’ll allow me to stay in touch.

Are you getting started/restarted on your better health and fitness journey?

If you’re new to exercise or you have neglected your health and fitness for a long while, the following articles are all simple, totally not-scary starting points:

The best type of exercise is for optimal health and fitness

How to set long term health and fitness goals using SMART

Healthy foods to eat daily

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