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I have successfully helped clients achieve their weight loss goals over the past 20 years and authored the book “Burning Fat for Good”. I know how much you want to lose weight fast, but the reality is that fast weight loss has pretty much zero chance of being maintained in the long term.

Diets don’t work. If they did then you would only do them once and you’d be sorted. Most “quick-fix” approaches are missing crucial aspects for success. They’re not usually individualized and don’t consider all your barriers to success. Most importantly, they don’t address the deep-seated psychological reasons that you are struggling to lose weight.

The reality is that there is no ‘silver bullet’ (sorry!). What works for someone else may not work for you. I’m here to help you discover your own missing puzzle pieces so that you can get the results you deserve.

My holistic weight loss approach might not be as “sexy” as a fast weight loss diet. However, I can guarantee that if you can be a little patient, step by step you can get your body back in balance. Then you will start to burn fat effectively.

If you’re ready to look beyond deprivation and towards sustainable weight loss, you’ve come to the right place. This blog category is all about a holistic approach to diet-free weight loss. We look at areas including stress, sleep, mindset, exercise, nutrition, and relationships. This helps you to get to the root causes of your issues, and take action.

I want you to reap the benefits (think health, energy, etc) that come with achieving your fat loss goals so that you can feel amazing. I hope this blog category offers you great value so that you can take the next step on your weight loss journey.

I’m so glad that you’re here and ready to learn more! You can do this and I hope you believe in yourself enough to know that. Feel free to reach out at any time. I’m here to support you at each step along the way.

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Virtual Coffee With Experienced Online Health And Fitness Coach, Elly McGuinness

Virtual Coffee With Experienced Online Health And Fitness Coach, Elly McGuinness

As an online health and fitness coach I’m always trying to think of the best ways to help serve my community. Ultimately, I want to help you find the personalized health and fitness plan that will be right for YOU and that will get you right on track for the fitter, healthier lifestyle you deserve. Check out this new service to help you get the momentum you need to take your next action steps towards your health and fitness goals.

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9 Little Known Sacha Inchi Oil Benefits

9 Little Known Sacha Inchi Oil Benefits

Extracted from the seeds and flesh of a fruit that grows around the Amazon River, sacha inchi oil is emerging as one of the ‘newest’ superfoods. It packs a powerful healthy punch and shows promising benefits for improving the nutritional status of the body.

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Secrets for A Successful Weight Loss Mindset

Secrets for A Successful Weight Loss Mindset

To lose weight successfully you need to have a weight loss mindset. This might sound simple, but all too often I have seen clients who have been sabotaging their own weight loss efforts for years.

Your thoughts lead to your actions, which create your behaviors, which create your lifestyle. Your thoughts are often based on your beliefs. Find out what your beliefs are and how to change them and develop a positive weight loss mindset.

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