Health and Fitness Black Friday Deals 2021

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Last Updated: November 4, 2021

It’s time to unveil the best health and fitness Black Friday Deals 2021! Black Friday is a great period of the year to cement your commitment to your health and fitness goals. Grab a bargain on a purchase or two that will help you take the next step towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Whether that’s getting an early start on planning for your New Year health and fitness goals, or topping up your home fitness equipment kit with a few goodies, I’ve got you sorted.

In this post, I’ll share some amazing online health and fitness deals that don’t require you to experience the madness that comes with hitting the shops. It’s also a fab time of year to think ahead about Christmas gifts. Friends and family members who value health and fitness as much as you do will love your thoughtful gifts. Best of all, you won’t be leaving your shopping until the last minute during what can be a very busy time of the year.

Most of the year I focus on sharing educational tips and advice on how to live your fittest healthiest life. Sometimes, I know that there are also products and services that you’re looking to purchase that will help you achieve your goals. That’s why I’m sharing some amazing health and fitness Black Friday Deals that are going to really help you take the next step towards kicking your health and fitness goals.

Seriously, there are some incredible deals that you’re only going to find during this sale period (it’s the only time they’ll be offered). I hope that if you’ve been following me for a while that you know I’ll never promote fads or quick fixes. I’m totally committed to sharing tools with you that are really going to help you with your long-term goals. (A couple of the health and fitness black Friday deals are specifically focused on planning to reach goals).

(This post includes affiliate links for which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase)

Health and Fitness Black Friday sales 2021

Here is a summary of the three main deals I’m promoting. I’ve listed the basic important details of each right here, so you can jump straight to the relevant sales page and grab a bargain. Otherwise, you can continue reading below for more details and information

There are also bonus offers further down the page, so I’d recommend you read the post right through!

Deal 1: Xero Shoes Black Friday Sale

Dates: On now until November 30th 2021

Save between 12% and 70% on select models, sizes and colors. PLUS be in to win one of TWELVE $75 gift certificates.

Deal 2: Slay Your Goals Goal Planner

Dates: Friday 19th November until Tuesday 30th November 2021 at midnight.

Get the 2022 yearly planner FREE ($24 value) when you purchase the Slay Your Goals Goal Planner

Deal 3: FREE comprehensive lifestyle review with Elly McGuinness (me!)

Instead of offering you a discount on my 1:1 services, I’m going to throw in an amazing freebie ($197USD value!) when you book my 6-week Kickstarter coaching package for yourself or someone else.

To receive this deal, the Kickstarter package must be paid no later than Tuesday 30th November 2021. (You can start the package in the New Year if you prefer).

Dates: Valid from now until Tuesday 30th November 2021

Click here to contact me about my Black Friday Kickstarter and bonus comprehensive lifestyle review, or read more details further down the post. When you contact me, please mention this deal.

online fitness coaching holistic health practitioner Elly McGuinness

More details about these health and fitness Black Friday offers 2021

Here are a few further details about the best Black Friday offers for people who love health and fitness. Remember that I’m also sharing a few bonus offers outside of my top 3, so keep reading!

Xero Shoes Black Friday Promo 2021

As a proud ambassador of Xero Shoes and an advocate of the barefoot movement, I’m excited to announce the biggest Xero Shoes sale of the year!

It’s their annual anniversary, multi-holiday, and warehouse clearance sale! To celebrate, enjoy up to 70% off selected styles.

In honor of their 12th anniversary they’re also giving away TWELVE $75 gift vouchers. Check out the sales page to find out all the ways you can be in to win.

Xero Shoes have limited sizes and colors in some styles (hence the warehouse clearance). They won’t be restocking these since they need to make way for new styles coming soon. So if you’re looking for a bargain on amazing, high-quality footwear that is designed for natural movement, get in quick!

Have you been thinking about switching to barefoot-style shoes? These shoes and sandals are super lightweight and versatile, and they’re designed to help feet function like feet should!

Click this link to save up to 70% on their amazing range of barefoot, minimalist shoes. And honestly, they’re already reasonably priced so this is an incredible offer.

If you’d like to find out more about Xero Shoes before you purchase, read my reviews via the links below:

Goal Planner Black Friday Promotion 2021

You are a GOAL SLAYER! The planner of your dreams is here and it comes with a friend you’ll love. Get two planners for the price of one.

As a proud affiliate of the Slay Your Goals Planner I’m excited to announce this amazing offer for Black Friday 2021. From November 19th to 30th the 2022 yearly planner is FREE when you purchase the Slay Your Goals Planner.

  • The 2022 Yearly Planner has monthly and weekly planner pages for the entire year. Plus, quarterly and monthly goal setting and tracking pages.
  • Just like the Slay Your Goals Planner, it features inspiring quotes where you need them most.

This is the only time of the year this awesome combo is on offer ($24 extra value, FREE!) Click this link for full details and to grab this special bargain.

If you’re ready to step up and plan ahead for an amazing fit, healthy and happy 2022, now is the time to step up and get ready for action! The Slay Your Goals Goal Planner is designed to help you do exactly that. If you’d like to find out more about the planner before purchasing it, you can read my review here.

FREE comprehensive lifestyle review

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may be aware that I’m an online health and fitness coach with 20 years of experience in helping people like you to lead their fittest, healthiest life.

Honestly, I don’t make a habit of discounting my 1:1 coaching services because I know how much value you’ll get from them. My prices also reflect the incredible investment I have put in over the past 20 years in gaining the knowledge and skills to help you create long-term, sustainable healthy habits. I’m super passionate about helping you to kick your health and fitness goals, no matter how big or small.

In the spirit of Black Friday 2021, on top of my awesome 6-week Kickstarter package, you’ll receive a FREE comprehensive lifestyle analysis and a follow-up email with personalized holistic health targets (value: $197 USD). These will cover your biggest problem areas that will help you take the first steps to work through the root causes of your health and fitness challenges.

The lifestyle review will involve an additional online 1:1 session where I’ll ask you a wide range of questions. The questions cover very important pillars of health, such as activity levels, nutrition, stress levels, sleep quality, mindset, relationships, and other holistic health considerations.

The answers to the questions are measured objectively, with a score. You’ll end up getting a score for each section, and an overall score (out of 500). This will enable us to easily identify your main problem area(s) and set some actionable targets to help you in that area (which you may find has a positive knock-on effect on other areas).

health and fitness black friday deals 2021 - Elly with yoga mat and drink bottle

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with my Kickstarter package

  • Enjoyable, subtle lifestyle adjustments which stick from experienced online holistic health and fitness coach, Elly McGuinness
  • A different, gentler approach for sustainable habits
  • Move beyond dieting, quick fixes, fads, and the ‘start Monday’ mentality
  • Focus on adding to your health rather than taking away the foods you love
  • Empower yourself to understand and take action on the small changes to your activity and eating habits that will get you big results
  • Get to the root of the problem
  • Real support to give up comfort or emotional eating
  • Manage stress more easily
  • Discover what is true to you and live a richer life
  • Feel lighter, feel increased energy
  • Feel amazing!
Health and fitness black Friday deals 2021-Holistich health and fitness coach Elly McGuinness

Kickstarter online health and fitness coaching package details

  • 4 x one-to-one online fitness coaching sessions
  • Food diary analysis and feedback
  • 100% Personalized 6-week fitness plan. A plan ensures you know what’s going to happen each day of the month so you’ll be prepared for what’s to come. Get a roadmap (plan!) to achieve your health and fitness goals and dreams. 
  • Personalized fitness program. A program ensures that what you do in each session is personalized and specific to you. That way you’ll enjoy it AND get the results you want.
  • Recipes & resources. You’ll be provided with tried and tested tools as needed to help you be successful. These are based entirely on your personal knowledge and skill gaps, goals, and preferences.
  • Unlimited email support as required. This acts as documented accountability and an opportunity to deal with other questions

Your Investment for the 6-week Kickstarter: $797 USD

BLACK FRIDAY FREEBIE: Comprehensive Lifestyle analysis worth $197 USD

(Total Value: $994 USD)

Use the button below to contact me about getting started with this package, and remember to mention that you saw this Black Friday deal!

Session make-up With Your Online Health and Fitness Coach

  • All sessions with Elly, your online health and fitness coach are scheduled in advance at a mutually agreeable time
  • We agree on the online communication format that will suit you best; e.g. Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype
  • The first three sessions with your online health and fitness coach are carried out approximately 1 week apart. Your first session will be a comprehensive initial consultation and will likely take up to 60 minutes. The fourth session is scheduled at 6 weeks for a check-in on progress and discussion about a follow on plan.
  • Sessions with Elly, your online health and fitness coach, are approximately 35-45 minutes in duration

Start your holistic health and fitness coaching package now or in 2022

I’m happy for you to start your coaching package in the New Year if you prefer, as long as it is booked and paid for by Tuesday 30th November 2021. In saying that, if you are ready to get started then now is a great time to take action so that you can launch right into 2022 feeling fit and inspired.

Purchase online health coaching as a gift

If you’re looking to purchase the Kickstarter as a gift for someone, you can also do that. Just let me know if you’re making a booking for someone else when you contact me.

If you’re not quite sure about fitness and health coaching yet, you can read more about choosing an online personal trainer versus a holistic health coach here.

More health and fitness Black Friday deals 2021

I hope you find immense value in these amazing health and fitness Black Friday deals (2021).

For the first time, the Amazon Black Friday sale is being extended into a double sale! First, brand week runs from November 12th to 25th 2021. During this time you’ll get the best deals from 14 premium brands across Home & Kitchen, PC/Electronics, and Baby categories.

Then, the grand finale of Black Friday starts at midnight on Friday, November 26th, and runs through to Monday, November 30th 2021.

You can get to the Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021 via the product ads below.

I’m also an ambassador for Bellefit girdles. They stock an awesome range of medical-grade postpartum girdles and other types of shapewear, nursing, and pregnancy products. They are also having a big sale. Click here to jump straight to the sale or read my Bellefit girdle review.

I’ve been a long-time fan of NuZest’s clean lean protein and good green stuff. They’re offering exclusive Black Friday discounts when you sign up for their newsletter. Or, you can simply enter my discount code (ELLY15) for a nice 15% off your purchase.

Click here to check out NuZest and their delicious and nutritious plant-based protein bars, protein powder, and greens powder.

In case you are interested, I’ll soon be updating this article about the top fitness trends for 2022 (currently 2021. 2022 is coming soon)!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these recommended service provider links, like an insurance broker, or a travel agent, I may earn a commission – at no extra cost to you. [For my full disclosure, please see my DISCLAIMER page]

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