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By Elly McGuinness

Xero Shoes released an upgraded version of their awesome barefoot hiking shoes in time for spring and summer 2022. Watch the video, where I share my thoughts on the Terraflex II, or keep reading below.

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The Terraflex II has a similar look to the original terraflex, but with upgraded features. Before I share those with you, a big shout out to Xero Shoes for sending me a complimentary pair of the Terraflex II to test and review.

If you’re looking for awesome barefoot trail running shoes or hiking shoes then read on!

My second Terraflex review!

Like the original Terraflex, the Terraflex II is a barefoot trail shoe designed for running or hiking. I love these shoes and reviewed the original model a few years ago.

I even use them for everyday activities because they’re just so comfortable. My old ones are pretty worn out but very much warranted after three years of regular use.

One thing to note is that although my old ones look a bit scruffy they still have excellent grip underfoot.

So I’m excited to have a shiny new pair and share the specs with you!

Feet in barefoot hiking shoes on rocky terrain-terraflex II review-xero shoes-cover image

Terraflex II barefoot hiking shoes features and specs

Like the original Terraflex, the Terraflex II are vegan barefoot shoes that are perfect for going off-road. They have all the usual barefoot features including flexibility, a thin sole, a wide toe box, and zero drop.

But now, they’re built for added durability. Here are the key differences with the Terraflex II.

  • You’ve now got Xero Shoe’s Real Tuff Tec material on the toe foxing, which is more durable than the previous material.
  • There is welded material for the mudguard, instead of the PU foxing. This makes the Terraflex II more water-resistant and less prone to cracking from hydrolysis.
  • The upper mesh is also more durable, which is useful for me with my big toe which sometimes tries to push through.
  • And finally, there’s a newly upgraded performance sock liner for the insole.
Elly wearing the terraflex II on a rocky cliff-barefoot minimalist shoes for the trail-xero shoes

Find out more about these awesome barefoot hiking and trail running shoes, including the latest prices, below.

Terraflex II (US store)

Terraflex II (EU store)


As I mentioned, I’ve done several other barefoot shoes reviews. Depending on what type of shoe you’re looking for, you may want to check out the following posts.

Wondering what the barefoot buzz is all about? Read about the benefits of barefoot shoes and my Terraflex interview with a podiatrist.

Find out more about these awesome barefoot hiking and trail running shoes, including the latest prices, below.

Terraflex II (US store)

Terraflex II (EU store)

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