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Mary Jane-style barefoot shoes review

Today I’m sharing a Xero Shoes review of the Cassie shoe. It’s a cute, Mary Jane-style barefoot shoe that looks great with a skirt or jeans. If you don’t know much about Xero Shoes, they do functional barefoot shoes and sandals that are designed for natural movement.

All of their shoes and sandals are minimalist style footwear that allows you to feel the ground with your feet. By having zero drop between the heel and the rest of the foot, as well as a thin sole, they allow your feet to move and function as feet should!

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Xero shoes offer a wide range of barefoot-inspired footwear. You can choose from their performance-based range, which includes popular models like the Xero shoes prio (running and fitness shoe) and offroad options like the Terraflex. They also have a lifestyle range, which includes sandals like the Cassie and Jessie, and shoes like the Hana.

You can jump straight to my Xero Shoes review for the Cassie by clicking on the video link above. Alternatively, continue reading below to find out what I think about the Cassie. If the Cassie doesn’t look quite your style, you could also read my xero shoes z trail review.

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Xero shoes cassie review

I’ve got the box here. Haven’t opened it yet, so let’s start by doing that, open it up and see what’s inside. Use your muscles. And there we go. There’s the Cassie. At first glance, I think the Cassie’s a pretty cute-looking shoe. Xero shoes designed the Cassie shoe as an alternative to the classic Mary Jane shoe. It looks very similar and was created in response to people asking for a shoe that would be acceptable to wear to the office.

The difference between the Cassie shoe and the classic Mary Jane is that the xero shoes version is designed (like all xero shoes) to allow your feet to bend, flex and feel the ground like nature intended.

I just gave birth to my daughter seven days ago. I think these are going to look pretty cute with some of my mommy outfits. But primarily the most important thing for me is comfort, and so I’ve been recommended these as a shoe that’s going to be really nice and comfortable for those sort of initial walks that I do out and about with baby. I have been pretty housebound for the first week, but I have a five-year old daughter, so we’re going to start with a few short strolls. I can let you know how I get on with the Cassie.

Xeroshoes review – why barefoot shoes are so awesome

All Xero shoes have zero drop in between the heel and the rest of the shoes to allow for natural movement, and they’re very flexible. The soles of the shoes are all pretty thin. This is to help allow contact with the ground. Why is that important? It’s important because you have an amazing number of sensory receptors in your feet. Those sensory receptors provide feedback to your body to tell it how to move properly. You just can’t get that sort of feedback when you’ve got three inches between your foot and the ground.

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xero shoes review - cassie shoe review

The Cassie shoe from Xero Shoes appears to be slightly thicker than the other ones that I’ve tried from Xero. You may have seen my Xero z trail review? I think they’re probably a bit thinner than this, and I have currently also got the Jessie’s.

Xero Shoes - Jessie

They replaced my Z-Trails, and those ones are super, super-thin. I think the Cassie shoe is going to be really perfect for me at this early stage of my postnatal journey back into fitness and movement. They’re probably just going to give me that little bit of extra comfort that I want at the moment. These do look like they’re going to be super comfy. I can’t wait to try them on.

Xero shoes review – the Cassie 5 weeks on…

I’ve been wearing the Cassies for about five weeks now. My daughter is five weeks old, and they have been a super comfortable option for me in the early postnatal weeks. I’ve worn them to pretty much everywhere when I’ve been out and about, so walks down to the shop, even some mini-hikes, the type that I would take my five-year old on. Yeah, that’s the types of walk that I’m doing in this early postnatal period, so nothing major.

xero shoes review - cassie shoe review

They are super comfy and they allow my feet to bend and flex just like all xero shoes do. You can wear them with jeans or a skirt as well, so they’re nice and versatile. Probably one of the most useful things for me as a new mom has been that I can do these up with one hand. So when I’m holding a big baby bag and a baby in one hand, and trying to sort out what my five-year old’s doing as well, it’s been quite useful to be able to put these on quickly and easily.

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More xero shoes reviews coming soon!

If you’re into natural movement, then make sure you check out the xero shoes store. You can check out the Cassie shoe and the rest of the great range that they have. Seriously, these minimalist shoes are the best option for when you want to go barefoot but you’re either not allowed or it would be safer to have something on your foot.

I’ve got more xero shoes reviews coming soon. As I mentioned, I’m currently wearing the Jessie’s as my everyday sandal.

[Update – Xero sandals review: Click here to find out why I think the Jessie’s make great minimalist sandals].

The other pair I have are the terraflex, which I’m just starting to try out. I only own these two pairs of shoes on my slow travel lifestyle and I wear the Jessie’s every day and save the terraflex for off-road walks and hikes. 

[Update: You can now find out what I think about the Terraflex barefoot trail shoe and about their upgraded Terraflex II, released in 2022]

If you’re looking for fantastic barefoot-inspired shoes for kids, find out what I think about the Kids Prio.

For all the runners out there, you’ll love the Zelen sustainable barefoot road running shoe.

Do you have the Cassie shoe from xero shoes? What do you think? Or do you have any questions about the Cassie or barefoot shoes in general? Please feel free to leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

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