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If you’re looking for barefoot sandals for kids, you can’t go past the kids’ z-trail from Xero Shoes.
Thanks so much to Xero Shoes for sending me a complimentary pair of the kids’ z-trails for my 8-year-old daughter to test so I could review them. Watch the video or read the text below to find out what we think of them!

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Both my daughter and I were super excited to receive the kids’ z-trail. She has already had the kids Prio and loved them and had been asking me non-stop about when she could get some sandals.

Ayla wearing Xero Shoes' z-trail barefoot sandals for kids while riding her bike along a coastal bike path in Turkey

I’ve already had the adults’ z-trail and loved them…and the kids’ z-trail is no different!
My daughter wears them day in and day out for everything she does, whether that’s walking, running, jumping, climbing, playing, walking the slackline, or hanging out at the beach.

Ayla's feet standing on the slackline in Xero Shoes' z-trail, barefoot sandals for children

She even wore the z-trail in a gorge through strong currents where it was muddy underfoot, and they stayed perfectly secure on her feet.

Sisters sitting with mud-covered sandals on a rock in the Saklikent gorge with Ayla on the left wearing Xero Shoes z-trail kids barefoot sandals

Z-Trail Barefoot sandals for kids | Features

The kids’ z-trail are kids’ barefoot sandals designed for natural movement. They have all the essential barefoot features, such as a wide toe box, zero drop, and a thin, flexible sole for feeling the ground and allowing growing feet to bend and flex naturally.

Ayla wearing the z-trail barefoot sandals for kids crouched on a rock in the Saklikent gorge in Southern Turkey

These barefoot sandals for children are very lightweight and look similar to the adults’ z-trail. Wider tubular straps and an extra durable sole are the key features that make them super kid-friendly.

Kid's z-trail review-Ayla's feet in the kids' z-trails, standing on a rock in the Saklikent Gorge in Southern Turkey

Your kids can choose from three colors, and when they grow out of them, you can head to the Xero Shoes Facebook page set up, especially for parents to buy, sell, or swap their kids Xero shoes.

Both myself and my daughter love the kids’ z-trail and highly recommend them as barefoot children’s sandals that are perfect for whatever they do. If you’re after an excellent minimalist kids sandal, click here to see the latest prices on the kids’ z-trail in the Xero Shoes store.

Ayla wearing the z-trail barefoot childrens' sandals from Xero Shoes while riding her bike along a coastal bike path


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Ayla crouched up a tree wearing the z-trail kids barefoot sandals by Xero Shoes

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