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Health and Fitness Brand Ambassador and Influencer Opportunities

Let’s connect and explore ways I can add value to your brand as an advertiser or brand partner

If you’re a brand looking for a qualified and experienced health and fitness practitioner to support your work, you’ve come to the right place!

Digital marketing options in today’s online world can be a minefield to explore. The landscape is constantly changing, and it can feel more confusing than ever when deciding what will impact your business.

One thing is for sure – if you don’t have people raving about your products and services, you’re missing a big opportunity, and you’re going to get left behind.

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Elly McGuinness | Your Qualified and Experienced Health and Fitness Brand Partner

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Trusted, credible, and authentic brand ambassadors like me can help spread awareness of your brand. Sometimes social proof is just what a potential customer needs to take the next step and actually buy your product or service.

If I find your company values and product/service offering are a good fit for, we can discuss a tailored package to meet your needs.

Health and Fitness Influencer Services

  • Social media posts (on Instagram and Facebook) from $30 USD per post
  • Sponsored links within a relevant, existing post (from $50 USD per nofollow* link)
  • Sponsored posts (from $150 USD written by you or $250 USD written by Elly). This includes a nofollow* link to your site and ongoing distribution of your post on our social platforms
  • “Free” review videos, blog posts, and social media posts from Elly on your products or services. This is under the proviso that you will send out free products for Elly to try and review AND that you have an appropriate affiliate program set up
  • Other possibilities include website advertisements, contests, and giveaways

*Please do not ask me for sponsored content with dofollow links. It is against Google’s terms and conditions. If you are after a dofollow link, please submit a guest post proposal via our write for us page.

NB: There are no refunds for sponsored links or posts if you change your mind later or if this website gets removed for any reason. Note that I have no plans to remove it. My only intention is to gradually work on making it better over time.

Please contact Elly with details of your brand and outline which of the above service(s) you are interested in.

Examples of current and previous brand collaborations

MG Surfline: In June 2019, I became an ambassador for the sustainable swimwear brand MG Surfline. I was only ever going to partner with an eco-friendly swimwear brand. They certainly fit the bill with their mission for plastic-free oceans. Their reversible bikinis are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Xero Shoes: In May 2018, I became a ‘Xero Hero‘ – a brand ambassador for Xero Shoes (affiliate link). They specialize in barefoot, minimalist sandals and shoes.

Mollyhopp: In August 2017, I started working with the Singapore-based clothing brand MollyHopp, ‘body positive,’ and luxury activewear in different sizes. See my blog post, ‘Mollyhopp Clothing for Yoga and Running, to learn more about Mollyhopp.

5 reasons why you’ll ENJOY AND VALUE working with Elly McGuinness

Your go-to online holistic health coach and content creator



Authentic, trusted and credible, Elly draws on 15+ years of industry experience to deliver her health and fitness coaching services.



Whether employed for online fitness coaching or her freelance fitness writer service, Elly will ‘sift through the noise’ and respect your unique needs.



With a willingness to first and foremost help people, Elly will go the extra mile to help you reach your fitness goals or help your project succeed.



Her skills have been refined by working with a diverse clientele in roles ranging from personal training, group fitness and mentoring, to tutoring and presenting.



Elly’s high level of professionalism as a holistic health practitioner ensures you will have a relationship with open and effective communication.