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If you’re sick of low-quality articles from ‘content mill’ sites, I can come to your rescue! With the ability to write in a friendly and conversational yet highly professional tone, I draw on 20 years+ of health and fitness industry experience.

I can tailor my health and fitness copywriting services to meet your requirements and budget. My prices reflect my industry experience, professionalism, and attention to detail. Basic pricing is as follows:

  • Articles and blog posts start at US $0.20 cents per word for a basic health and fitness article
  • Uploading to your CMS, providing and adding images, SEO title, alt tags, meta description, and scheduling for publishing starts at US $0.22 cents per word
  • Science-backed articles that require significant research start at US $0.25 cents per word, with citations included for the article only. Uploading to your CMS, providing photos, etc. (as detailed above) starts at US $0.27 cents per word for these types of articles.
  • I can offer keyword research and content optimization services. Please ask for further details
  • We can discuss other health and fitness writing projects you have, such as workout descriptions for your fitness center, course material, and ebooks.
  • I’m happy to discuss your writing needs for projects on other subjects (especially topics such as travel writing and unschooling, which fit my lifestyle and expertise).

If you need someone to create content for your own (health and fitness) blog or website, please contact me here to discuss your freelance health and fitness writing project.

16/08/2023 – The Menopause Effect – Dealing With Menopause-Induced Body Odour

11/07/2023 – The Menopause Effect – Can Shatavari Help with My Menopause Symptoms?

14/06/2023 – The Menopause Effect – Can Eating Chocolate Help Manage Menopause Symptoms?

26/05/2023 – The Menopause Effect – 7 Best Foods for Fighting Menopausal Brain Fog

08/05/2023 – The Menopause Effect – Can Ashwagandha Help With My Menopause Symptoms?

21/10/2022 – The Menopause Effect – 7 Top Natural Indian Home Remedies for Menopause Relief

07/02/2022 – Sure Hire – Common Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Manufacturing Industry Proactive Prevention Tips for Employers

01/02/2022 – At-Home Fitness – Top tips for staying active while working from home

14/01/2022 – Sure Hire – Common Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Mining Industry & Proactive Prevention Tips for Employers

01/01/2022 – At-Home Fitness – How to Look After Your Mental Health

01/12/2021 – At-Home Fitness – How Self-Compassion Can Help You Get Better Fitness Results

25/11/2021 – Sure Hire – The Pros and Cons of High-Intensity Interval Training

23/11/2021 – Wellness Warrior – Can You Eat Oats Raw? | Benefits, Nutrition, and Uses

November 2021 – Nucific – Top 10 High-Fiber Foods You Should Eat

01/11/2021 – At Home Fitness – Post Natal Exercise | Guidelines and Considerations for Exercising After Giving Birth

27/10/2021 – Workplace Testing – 8 Signs and Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

01/10/2021 – At Home Fitness – Working Out During Pregnancy | Exercise Considerations for Each Trimester

01/10/2021 – Workplace Testing – Low Impact Cardio: 7 Effective and Joint-Friendly Workouts

27/09/2021 – Wellness Warrior – Sacroiliac Joint Pain Exercises and Stretches for Relief

06/09/2021 – Workplace Testing – 5 Plant-Based Protein Sources To Include In Your Diet

01/09/2021 – At Home Fitness – Mindful Eating | What It Is And How To Practice It

25/08/2021- Wellness Warrior – Pinto Beans – Nutrition Facts, Calories, Carbs, Fiber, Serving Size, & More…

13/08/2021 – Workplace Testing – Staying Hydrated: 5 Tips To Help You Drink More Water

09/08/2021 – Workplace Testing – Cannabis Metabolites: What You Need to Know

01/08/2021 – At Home Fitness – How to Find Time to Exercise – Time Management, Planning, and Hacks

14/07/2021 – Wellness Warrior – Best Survival Handbooks And Guidebooks Of All Time – Top Survival Manual

14/07/2021 – Workplace Testing – 6 Restorative Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break

06/07/2021 – Workplace Testing – 7 Dangers of On-The-Job Dehydration All Employers Should Know

01/07/2021 – At Home Fitness – Strength Training for Runners |Benefits and Best Exercises

22/06/2021 – Workplace Testing – 7 Common Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

18/06/2021 – Wellness Warrior – Best Stretches for Lower Back Pain That Work (How to Stretch Lower Back)

12/06/2021 – Workplace Testing – 3 Best Types of Food For Gut Health

2021 – OceanFit – Seven Reasons Why Sports Watches Can Make You a Better Swimmer

01/06/2021 – At Home Fitness – How to Build Better Health and Fitness Habits

25/05/2021 – Workplace Testing – Technology and Mental Health – Apps and Tools That Could Benefit Your Employees

25/05/2021 – Workplace Testing – What is WELL Certification and Why Should Your Company Consider it?

20/05/2021 – At Home Fitness – The Best Tips For Setting Up Your Home Environment With Health and Fitness in Mind

12/05/2021 – At Home Fitness – Myth Busting: Static Stretching Before a Workout

23/04/2021 – Workplace Testing – 6 Tips to Transform Your Bedroom for Restful Nights

12/04/2021 – Workplace Testing – 10 Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

11/03/2021 – Workplace Testing – 6 Common Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

01/03/2021 – At Home Fitness – Who Should Lift Weights? | The Benefits of Weight Training

08/02/2021 – Workplace Testing – You Are What You Eat: The Impact Nutrition Plays on Mental Health

07/02/2021 – At Home Fitness – Fibre: What it is, Why it’s Essential, and How to Know Whether You’re Getting Enough

02/02/2021 – Workplace Testing – 8 Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine

11/01/2021 – Workplace Testing – 7 Signs of Burnout to be Mindful of

04/01/2021 – Workplace Testing – 6 Self Care Strategies to Improve Your Mental Health

01/01/2021 – At Home Fitness – 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Cardio Routine in 2021

2020 – OceanFit – Why Balanced Beach Training is Important (And How to do it)

11/12/2020 – At Home Fitness – Enjoy Christmas, be fit, and start the New Year the right way

20/11/2020 – Workplace Testing – 5 Tips to Help Your Body Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

01/11/2020 – At Home Fitness – Myth Busting: You Can Only Lose Weight By Cutting Carbs

25/10/2020 – Workplace Testing – Exercising In The Morning vs. The Evening: Pros And Cons

25/10/2020 – Workplace Testing – 3 Ways To Increase Your Lung Capacity For Optimal Health

01/10/2020 – At Home Fitness – Why The Gym Is No Longer The Most Popular Place To Train

28/09/2020 – Workplace Testing – 5 Job Tasks That Are Potentially Ergonomically Hazardous

15/09/2020 – Workplace Testing – 5 Key Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

01/09/2020 – At Home Fitness – The Whole Life Approach To Weight Loss That Lasts

20/08/2020 – Workplace Testing – 7 Tips To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

15/08/2020 – Workplace Testing – 6 Common Sleep Myths That You Should Stop Believing

01/07/2020 – At-Home Fitness – Why A Great Online Personal Training Service Is So Much More Than Just An App

28/06/2020 – Workplace Testing – What to Expect from a VO2max Test

24/05/2020 – Ocean Fit – Can’t Swim? Learn How to Start Running

24/05/2020 – Workplace Testing – 4 Ways to Improve The Ergonomics of Your Home Office

11/05/2020 – Workplace Testing – When Should Your Company Conduct Fit-For-Work Testing?

01/05/2020 – Ocean Fit – Top Tips to Prepare for a Cold Ocean Swim

01/05/2020 – At-Home Fitness – 5 Great Workouts You Can Do In A Small Space In Your Living Room

30/04/2020 – Ocean Fit – How to acclimatise to cold water

24/04/2020 – Ocean Fit – Science-backed benefits of Cold Water Immersion

20/04/2020 – Ocean Fit – How you can get the most out of barefoot training at the beach

01/04/2020 – At-Home Fitness – Myth Busting: You Can Choose One Targeted Part Of Your Body For Fat Burning

March 2020 – Ocean Fit – 5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Meditation at the Beach

26/03/2020 – Workplace Testing – How to Make Yor Meetings More Positive and Productive

25/03/2020 – Workplace Testing – How to Ease Lower Back Pain with Yoga

02/03/2020 – At-Home Fitness – Myth Busting: Lifting Heavy Makes You Massive

03/02/2020 – At-Home Fitness – Myth Busting: You Can’t Be Fit On A Plant-Based Diet

05/01/2020 – At-Home Fitness – Should You Count Your Calories And/Or Macros?

09/12/2019: At-Home Fitness – Should I Do Weight Training Or Bodyweight Training?

01/11/2019 – At-Home Fitness – HIIT vs Steady State Cardio: Which Is Better?

October 2019 – OceanFit –The Benefits of Barefoot Training

01/10/2019 – At-Home Fitness – Why You Should Work Your Glutes (And How To Do It)

02/09/2019 – At-Home Fitness – 5 Amazing Benefits Of Having A Training Partner

August 2019: I started another health and fitness ghostwriter project, this time for an Ocean swimming site. I have been commissioned as a fitness blog writer to write 40 short articles between now and the end of the year.

01/08/2019 – At-Home Fitness – How To Get Started With Yoga At Home

01/07/2019 – At-Home Fitness – Top Bodyweight Exercises For Buring Fat

June 2019: The following testimonial was provided about my skills as a freelance fitness writer. This is from a client that I have been serving in the freelance fitness writing space for one year so far:

Thank you for all you’re doing – the blogs are great quality and they’re proving to be a valuable resource for us to help ‘feed’ our community and get interest from potential clients!

June 2019: Started a fitness ghostwriting project for an outdoor fitness website. The initial job is to produce 20 x ghostwritten fitness articles and then reassess what articles need to be written as I move forward as their freelance fitness writer. The initial 20 freelance fitness writing articles were completed by the end of the month and I was commissioned to write a further 40 articles over the coming months.

22/05/2019 – Workplace testing – Top 3 tips to improve workplace posture

01/04/2019 – At-Home Fitness – How To Choose The Right Personal Trainer For You

01/02/2019 – At-Home Fitness – The Amazing Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer

01/01/2019 – At-Home Fitness – 4 Tips For Getting Your New Year Fitness Plan Off To The Best Start

02/12/2018 – At Home Fitness – How to Have an Enjoyable Festive Season Without Losing Your Fitness

01/11/2018 – At-Home Fitness – The Best Healthy Eating Tips For Busy People

01/10/2018 – At-Home Fitness – 4 Reasons You’re not getting  Results From Your Fitness Program

01/09/2018 – At-Home Fitness – Simple Ways To Progress Bodyweight Exercises

Sept 18: Started a project on a mom’s health and fitness website as a freelance fitness blogger. I started by writing 3 x 600-word articles related to health and fitness for moms

Aug 18: The following testimonial was provided about my freelance health writer skills. This is from a client that I have been serving in the freelance health and fitness writing space for a few years:

Elly has written numerous articles on health and fitness for different publications under my direction. She has a great writing style that is easy on the reader – and the editor! Elly is particularly organised, never missing a deadline, which again, was something greatly appreciated. – Kate Preece, Aug 2018 (Group Editor, Magazines division of Star Media)

Aug 18 onwards: I started a regular project as a freelance health and fitness ghostwriter for a workplace wellness website. This role requires me to answer three workplace wellness-related questions per month (300-500 words each). I submit these directly to the client’s CMS.

Aug 18 onwards: I took on another regular gig as a freelance fitness copywriter for an at-home personal training website. This role requires me to produce 1-2 health and fitness articles per month related to at-home fitness (700-1000 words each). I also post directly into the client’s WordPress platform.

01/08/18 – Expat Go – Lessons learned from a night hike in Perak

July 18: Completed the 2nd part of a ghostwritten project in the health and fitness space (scroll to April to read about part one). This unique project is for a health and fitness gaming app. This part of the project required me to produce 100 fun facts and jokes about health, 100 serious facts about health, and 100 inspirational quotes to help the users on their health and fitness journey.

July 18: Started another unique fitness ghostwriting project. This one involves writing descriptions for outdoor fitness equipment for a manufacturing company. The trial phase is complete where I have written a description for the first machine (including how to use it, muscles worked, special considerations, etc). Currently awaiting the full list of equipment to continue with the project.

30/06/18 – Workplace TestingUnderstanding the behavior change model and how to apply it to help your employees

29/06/18 – Workplace testing5 ways to increase participation and engagement in workplace wellness programs

28/06/18 – Workplace Testing8 Workplace Wellness apps to boost your wellness program

23/05/18 – Workplace testing – An introduction to incorporating DNA testing as part of a workplace wellness plan

22/05/18 – Workplace testing – The negative health implications of sitting all day and what to do about it

May 18 onwards: I began working as a regular freelance health and fitness ghostwriter for a high profile weight loss website. This role requires me to produce 1 x 1000-4000 word article per week and post into the client’s WordPress platform.

09/05/18 – Workplace Testing – The incredible benefits of meditation for the brain that all companies need to understand

27/04/18 – Completed a unique project as a ghostwriter. The project was for a gaming company and it required me to invent 210 creative health tasks designed to help users improve their health, fitness, and wellbeing by creating new healthy habits.

24/04/18 – Workplace testing – The best workplace wellness videos to watch on YouTube

16/04/18 – Workplace Testing – Understanding the impact of chronic workplace stress

03/04/18 – Workplace testing – Pushing, pulling and lifting – ergonomic best practices to follow to avoid injury

29/03/18 – Workplace Testing – 6 ways employers can help their employees sleep better at night

March 18: Freelance fitness writer for an Australian website about postnatal health and fitness. This month I produced five new ghostwritten articles for their website. This was a ‘re-hire’, as I also wrote 10 articles for their site in 2017.

February 18: Workplace Testing – Produced a 2500 word ergonomics download

13/02/18 – Expat Go – Nature and adventure at Penang’s National Park

08/01/18 – Workplace Testing – Fostering the 5 essential elements of well-being in the workplace

04/01/18 – Style Magazine – 4 Ways to get more nutrition from your food

November 17-January 18: Freelance health writer for a health and fitness website catering to the South East Asian market. I wrote 5 articles per week for 10 weeks to produce a total of 50 ghost-written health and fitness articles for their website.

18/12/17 – Workplace Testing – A step by step guide to helping employees set personal wellness goals

November-December 17: Freelance fitness writer for a mums fitness website in Australia. Produced 2 x 500-word ghostwritten articles

20/11/17 – Workplace testing – 10 Companies that are leading the way in Wellness

14 ways to create a workplace culture of wellness

DIY health and fitness tests that every workplace should consider

03/11/17 – Style Magazine – 2 Important signs of obsessive food behaviours

01/11/17 – Stalletto Magazine – 3 simple steps to prepare your body for a fit and healthy winter

October 17: Freelance fitness writer for an online sporting goods and supplements company. Produced 30 x 300-word ghostwritten articles for them over the space of three weeks

September 17: Freelance health writer for a 2000+ word ghostwritten article about healthy snacks

01/09/17 – Style Magazine – The 80-20 nutrition principle for long term results and an interview with Kelly Rennie about fitness for busy mums 

07/07/17 – Style Magazine – 8 Healthy Habits for Office Workers

July 17: Health and fitness writer for a ‘soon to be launched’ Australian postnatal fitness website. Produced 10 x ghost-written articles for their site.

June 17: Freelance health writer for the ‘About’ page for a Malaysian vegan café with an attached yoga studio. The website is soon to be launched.

1/06/17 – Style Magazine – Interview With Megan May From Little Bird Organics

7/04/17 – Style Magazine – 2 Simple Steps to Help You Bounce Back After an Easter Binge

5/04/17 – Style Magazine – Why Healthy Food Choices Are Overrated

2/03/17 – Style Magazine – Sugar – What’s The Big Deal?

17/01/17 – Style Magazine – A New Year…and a New You?

2/12/16 – STYLE MAGAZINE – Keeping Stress in Check Over the Silly Season

4/11/16 – Style Magazine – Simple Body Weight Exercises to Get You Set for Summer

7/10/16 – Style Magazine – Get Some Spring in Your Step – 5 Tips for Increasing Your Energy Levels

5/08/16 – Style Magazine – Winter Wellness Solutions

3/06/16 – Style Magazine – 5 Tips for Optimal Nutrition

1/04/15 – Style Magazine – Keep Track of Your Health with FITBIT

As a health and fitness blogger, I am happy to discuss the possibility of writing a guest post for your blog.

You can see some of the sites I have provided guest posts for below; for example, I have provided guest posts for a number of high-profile health and fitness sites such as the Huffington Post and Total Health magazine.

If you scroll through this page, you will see that my contributions as a health and fitness writer go all the way back to 2011.

I usually stick to topics relevant to my knowledge and experience as a health and fitness writer. However, you will see that some of my guest posts below extend into other areas of personal interest, such as travel and sustainable living. 

To read posts I have written about World Schooling, Home Schooling, Unschooling, Parenting, Travel, and Digital Nomad Lifestyle, please visit my author profile on our Family Website about Location Independence.

05/05/21 – Kia Puawai – Manage Your Stress Levels Before Things Get Out of Control

05/05/21 – Kia Puawai – 7 Simple Ideas For Stress Management

30/04/21 – Health Web Magazine (Collaborative Post) – April is Stress Awareness Month – 25+ Experts Share Their Thoughts on Stress Awareness

02/12/20 – Health Web Magazine (Collaborative Post) – Healthy Habits For Clear Skin: Learn From The Top Skincare Experts

October 2020 – Radical Strength With Rach – 6 Ways To Incorporate Mobility Training Into Your Home Workout Plan

21/05/20 – Pronto Bottle (Collaborative Post) – Mental and Emotional Health Tips For Parents During Stressful Times

13/04/20 – Live, Dream, Discover (Collaborative Post) – How to handle being Stuck at Home: 50+ Tips For Surviving Corona Virus Isolation

January 2020 – Lucile’s mindful living website – Short and Effective Workout Ideas for a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

31/10/19 – Green Active Family (Collaborative Post) –How to Cut Baby Nails (Without Freaking Out)

September 2019 – Cape & Apron (Collaborative Post) –14 First-Time Labor and Delivery Stories you need to hear

14/10/18 – It’s all you boo –Why you need to define success in your own words

September 2018 – Cafe 898 –3 things I love about cafe 8.98

04/07/18 – Dai Manuel –Do the benefits of kratom outweigh the risks?

19/06/18 – Xero shoes – How to get primal with your fitness plan

04/03/18 – Blog News Weekly – A new approach to eco-living

October 2017 – House Sitting Magazine –How to keep fit while traveling

13/10/17 – Total Health Magazine –Chaga mushroom health benefits

05/10/17 – Alibcandid Blog (Collaborative Post) –Lost your way? 9 unique ways xennial women radiate success

August 2017 – workhomelife.com.au – Meet Elly, a freelance writer and online coach

17/08/17 – Seed+Soul – Adopting a Holistic Approach to Health: Absolute Love August

15/08/17 – Global Healing Exchange –5 Bodyweight Exercises for Anytime, Anywhere Fitness

10/08/17 – Little Kiwis Nature Play –7 Reasons Why New Zealand is the Best Country for Nature Play

04/08/17 – Consciously Living –My Conscious Living Journey

28/07/17 – Reflecting Beautiful –The Importance of Great Sleep Habits for Health and Wellbeing

July 17 – The Blonde Wanderlust –When a lifestyle business destroys your life

28/6/17 – Huffington Post – This Is How The Act Or Practice Of Meditation Can Help You Center Yourself

22/05/17 – Real Energy Food – The 3 Types Of Exercise You MUST Do For A Great Full Body Workout Routine

27/02/2017 – Ocean Fit – Are you drinking enough water?

1/11/16 – Total Health Magazine – Top 8 reasons to choose organic

1/10/16 – Total Health Magazine – Choose organic for superior health benefits

1/09/16 – Total Health Magazine – Why choosing organic over natural is a healthy choice

1/08/16 – Total Health Magazine – Choosing organic to help protect against cancer

1/07/16 – Total Health Magazine – Organic food explained

1/06/16 – Total Health Magazine – Irradiated foods vs organic foods

1/05/16 – Total Health Magazine – Benefits of choosing organic food

2/03/16 – Total Health Magazine – Goal Setting Success for the Year Ahead

1/12/15 – Total Health Magazine – Tips to stay on track with your fitness over the silly season

1/10/15 – Total Health Magazine – Focusing your efforts for fat burning success

1/09/15 – Total Health Magazine – Sustainable fat loss: a reality check

1/7/14 – New Zealand Fitness – Burning fat made easy

1/7/14 – New Zealand Fitness – Personal trainer of the month – Vicki Zumbraegel

17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – How to get good quality sleep

17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – Top 4 tips to get lean and mean

17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – The best workout for weight loss

17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – How to read food labels for healthy eating

17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – 10 tips to stay healthy through winter

1/4/12 – New Zealand Fitness – Sticking to your fitness regime – 5 top tips to keep you on track

1/03/12 – New Zealand Fitness  Personal trainer of the month – Cate Grace

12/06/11 – Ocean Fit – Knowledge, skills and desire – The success combo

I am a degree qualified and highly experienced health and fitness practitioner and a regular health and fitness blogger and writer.

If you need an experienced health and fitness media contributor, interviewee, or podcast guest for any holistic health and fitness content projects, please reach out if I can be of assistance. I’d love to hear from you.

01/03/2021 – The 50 Best Fitness Blogs For 2021 (#32 – Elly McGuinness)

March 2021 – “Me Time” For Reducing Stress and Improving Wellbeing with Optimal Daily Living

10/03/2019 – Interview with Eugenia Nikiforow about sleep and stress and how they affect food choices and issues with weight loss

15/11/2018 – Interview with Lauren Parsons (Thrive TV) about adopting a holistic approach to health and fitness

5 reasons why you’ll ENJOY AND VALUE working with Elly McGuinness

Your go-to online holistic health coach and content creator



Authentic, trusted and credible, Elly draws on 15+ years of industry experience to deliver her health and fitness coaching services.



Whether employed for online fitness coaching or her freelance fitness writer service, Elly will ‘sift through the noise’ and respect your unique needs.



With a willingness to first and foremost help people, Elly will go the extra mile to help you reach your fitness goals or help your project succeed.



Her skills have been refined by working with a diverse clientele in roles ranging from personal training, group fitness and mentoring, to tutoring and presenting.



Elly’s high level of professionalism as a holistic health practitioner ensures you will have a relationship with open and effective communication.