Holistic Health Online Services

There are three ways I could be your holistic health practitioner or partner of choice.

Please select as appropriate

Online Health and Fitness Coach

Freelance health and fitness writer

Health & fitness Brand Ambassador

5 reasons why you’ll ENJOY AND VALUE working with Elly McGuinness

Your go-to online holistic health coach and content creator



Authentic, trusted and credible, Elly draws on 15+ years of industry experience to deliver her health and fitness coaching services.



Whether employed for online fitness coaching or her freelance fitness writer service, Elly will ‘sift through the noise’ and respect your unique needs.



With a willingness to first and foremost help people, Elly will go the extra mile to help you reach your fitness goals or help your project succeed.



Her skills have been refined by working with a diverse clientele in roles ranging from personal training, group fitness and mentoring, to tutoring and presenting.



Elly’s high level of professionalism as a holistic health practitioner ensures you will have a relationship with open and effective communication.

Are you an action taker?

You've read/watched this...

You've read/watched that...

But what actions have you taken? Maybe you still have some burning questions and need an empathetic ear before proceeding.

How about rewarding yourself with the positive feeling of taking a micro action that both answers your burning questions AND moves you a step closer to your fittest and healthiest self?...