Astonishing Advice for Mama Fitness: It’s Time to Focus on Yourself

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Last Updated: September 28, 2019

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If you’re a mother, you already know how beautiful that is and how adorable your child is. However, after some time you may feel like your child is hogging up your time. You love them, and you also wish to devote some more time to yourself. Besides getting back to your old skincare routine and catching up with your friends, it’s time to focus on your body! Mama fitness is all the craze right now, and every mother deserves to go to the gym or spend at least 30 minutes on her workouts in order to stay healthy and strong. So, if you’re a mama who feels the same, but you think you’re too busy, these tips will help you manage your days and incorporate some quick workouts.

Create a Mama Fitness Plan to Stay Motivated

Take a deep breath and think about why you want to get back to your fitness routine or start a new one. Is it because you want to lose your baby weight? Because you want to become a fit mama? Or because you want to be healthy and strong for your child and yourself?

Whatever the reason, put it down on paper and create your plan. You can even find a great busy mom workout plan online. However, it’s way better if it’s created personally by you. 

Also, think about how working out makes you feel about yourself. If it makes you feel good and accomplished, make sure to include that in your plan to keep the motivation high. This also means that you should create some small goals that you can easily accomplish on a weekly basis, and working out won’t feel like work at all!

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Book Mama Fitness Appointments for Specific Exercises

Mama fitness is all about staying organized. Even if it feels impossible to fit in some working out in your already busy schedule, there’s always time for exercise. Busy mom fitness organization consists of making various appointments and calendar reminders to workout at least 30 minutes a day. So, get creative and start scheduling

There are dozens of opportunities throughout the day to squeeze in a short exercise. You can, for example, wake up half an hour earlier in the morning and do some light yoga or pilates by following a YouTube video. YouTube is a great place to find a morning workout for busy moms. Also, you can use your lunch break at work for some strength training, or go for a run after the kids fall asleep. There are ways; you just have to stay motivated!

Exercise with Your Kids

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A fitness mama will always make ways to include her kid into the workout routine. Plus, if you expose your kids to exercising at an early age, it will help them to have a love of movement throughout their life. So, when at home, you can all have fun exercising together. You can keep an eye on your kids while you’re getting your daily dose of physical activity.

Do some lunges, squats, and pushups together, or get creative with a pilates ball. [Find out about our home exercise equipment recommendations here].

Another possibility is to do some beginner level stretching every day with your kids, so your bodies will stay healthy and flexible. And even though mama fitness is supposed to be all about you, you will be glad that you’re setting a great example for your kids and that you all will stay healthy and strong together. 

Mama Fitness Needs Good Nutrition As Well

All the daily obligations and errands are tiring. When you add a 30-minute workout for busy moms in your day, you may feel exhausted at the end of the day. That is why it is essential to learn and incorporate a healthy diet into your life.

Food is our fuel and if you do it right, you will feel energized throughout the day and have no trouble doing everything that needs to be done. Plus, you’re setting a great example around healthy eating diets for your kids! 

So, make sure you limit junk food and processed sugar. Even though they’re delicious, they’re not going to keep you fueled long enough. Instead, focus on green leafy vegetables. Switch sugar and sweets with fruits and eat whole grains. 

Gather a Great Support Crew

Even though you might think you can do everything alone and still have time for your fitness routine, consider delegating some work to others. You can make an agreement with your spouse and have them pick up the kids on certain days so you can have time for exercise.

Also, hire a cleaning lady if needed and take some load off your schedule. Don’t forget that you can also count on your baby sitter if the money allows it, and maybe call them up more often. Or simply rely on your parents and siblings to take your kids for a few hours so you can focus on you. 

These off-load tasks can easily be handed to other trusted people and it will leave you with more time to focus on your routines. Also, this will grant you a few extra hours you can use for becoming a fit mama. Plus, you can exercise with your friends and further minimize your “obligations”. You and your friends can have a chat and spend some time together while exercising. 

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Go Outside for Your Mama Fitness!

Besides going to the gym, pilates and working out at home, the mama fitness trend also includes going outside for your daily workout. So, gather your kids, put on some comfy clothes and shoes, and explore the great outdoors. Okay, this doesn’t mean you have to push the stroller up the hills all day. Rather, you can do some more simple things. 

For example, include your older kids into some outdoor chores and wash the car together or tidy up the backyard. Also, you can all go for a short hike nearby and breathe in some fresh air during the weekends. Another simple possibility is riding bicycles together. You will all manage to spend some quality time together, while busy mama will get her daily workout. 

A playground is a great place for an outdoor workout with kids around Check out these simple exercises.

Declutter and Minimize Your Life

As a busy working mom, you already have enough on your plate, and it’s time to minimize all that stress. The first thing to do is to get rid of the excess junk and clutter from your home. This way, you will de-stress your home and your environment which will already provide less stress on your brain.

Once your home is without clutter, you can move on to your schedules. With your work and kids and their lessons and schools, your schedule is already filled. So, it’s time to prioritize. 

If you have gatherings with friends scheduled, see if you can invite friends over for dinner or lunch, or go to the gym together. This will already declutter your schedule a bit, and leave enough room for the important stuff. Also, if there are some minor things to be done, see what is urgent and what can be done some other day.

And some things you really don’t want to do can probably be canceled. So, the biggest thing to remember here is to prioritize and leave enough space for family and taking care of yourself

If you’re a busy mom who would like to join the mama fitness craze, this is your chance. We all need our exercises to stay healthy, but that’s not always completely possible with busy schedules. That is why fitness for busy moms is so tough, but it’s not impossible. Gather your kids, do some exercises together, eat healthily, and be creative with the workouts. Your mama fitness routine will come naturally and it will get easier as days go by. 

Thanks to Morgan Rose Elliot for this article to help you with your busy mom workout plan.

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