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If you are wondering about healthy foods to eat daily, you can be forgiven if the question of what to eat seems to be getting more complex by the day. The internet supplies us with a never-ending list of diets and nutritional regimes.

We are also constantly bombarded with ‘new products’ in the media, so it can be all too easy to put healthy eating in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Therefore I’m going to keep the message really simple here today. For optimal health, longevity, increased energy levels, good strength, recovery, and many other wonderful things:

Eat a wide variety of REAL food that is right for YOU

That’s all.

It’s simple.

If you make one change to your nutrition from today, swap something less ‘real’ for something more ‘real’.  That will be a great start in selecting healthy foods to eat daily.

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What can be considered ‘real food’?

A good start is to consider whether it has come from the ground, a tree, or an animal. In other words, from something that was once living. Providing it still closely resembles the state it started in, this is good and means it probably hasn’t gone through endless levels of processing and nutrient destruction before it reaches your mouth.

Here are two examples to get you started:

1. Swap processed cereal for whole grains, nuts, seeds (remember to soak them first) as well as fresh fruit. Do not be deceived by labels claiming “full of wholegrain goodness” – if it’s a flaky or puffy piece of something, the whole grain goodness is likely to be long gone.

2. Replace commonly processed carbohydrates with more ‘real’ options. For example, swap pasta and bread for legumes, whole grains, or vegetables.

That’s it. No deprivation and no calorie counting. Choosing healthy foods to eat daily doesn’t need to be complex.  Make it sustainable by ensuring the change you make is small and you focus only on one thing at a time.

healthy foods to eat daily-museli bowl with fresh fruits, seeds, and berries

List of healthy foods to eat daily

If you do not follow a vegetarian diet, you could also eat meat and/or seafood.  With a well-balanced diet, you should not need to consume these foods every day, however. 

If you do not follow a vegan diet, you could also add eggs and/or dairy products.  If you are going to eat dairy, try to find full-fat, little-processed options.

You can also ensure that the choices you make for your food pantry are as close to whole foods and as ‘real’ as possible.  Get a list of essentials in the article ‘pantry essentials for a healthy food kitchen‘.

Further reading about healthy eating

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Fermented foods are also recommended as part of a healthy food plan.

If weight loss is your goal, find out about some of the best natural fat-burning foods and how to use them.

Many herbs and spices also have amazing health properties. For example, you can find out exactly why spices such as turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon are so good for you in this article about the incredible benefits of turmeric (golden) milk.

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Or, discover these five foods that help improve circulation for better brain health.

We all get off track with healthy eating from time to time. If this sounds like you, check out these tips to help you recover and get back on track.

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