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When Isabelle McKenzie offered to write a post for my site about how to stop sugar cravings, I jumped at the chance. I know it’s a big problem for many of my readers and that it can feel like it’s so hard to control. We’re talking about a highly addictive and delicious substance that acts as an instant “reward” for the brain. It can end up sending us back from more and more so that we feel like we have no control over it.

If you read my holistic health blog regularly you’ll know I’m all about helping you find balance, and that includes enjoying the food that you love. This post is no different. It’s about helping you understand the factors that are causing your sugar cravings, and giving you an action plan to curb sugar cravings for good. I hope that what she says helps you take the next step towards feeling healthier and happier. Elly xx

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How to stop sugar cravings | How to stop eating sugar

Sugary, salty, soft, crunchy, fried, melty… there are so many tastes and textures that come with junk foods, and we all love eating them. Let’s face it: burgers taste amazing, and it feels near impossible to curb sugar cravings after most meals.

But, at the same time, we all kinda know that they’re no good for us. At some point we’ve come across an article, or watched a TV show (like Biggest Loser), and have seen that junk food leads to all kinds of problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar issues, diabetes, and a whole collection of other health ailments – including depression.

Let alone the weight gain.

Yeah, sure, after seeing this initial information we decide to try and be a bit healthier, but after a week of packing salads for lunch, a craving hits. It grows and grows, gets stronger and stronger, until we end up back at Burger King for some nuggets and a chocolate shake.

We decide to try again next week, only to give into cravings again, and a vicious cycle is created.

Sounds familiar, eh?

Don’t worry if this is you. We’ve all been there – I’ve been there badly – and it’s the reason many people never cut back on junky/sugary foods, even when they’re aware of the negative effects.

If sugary junk foods are so bad for us, why do we love, crave, and eat it so much? 

It’s called the downward spiral of food and sugar addiction. Hold on, don’t be afraid of the word addiction – it’s just your brain.

You probably think your inability to reduce sugar cravings is all your fault, that you’re simply a food failure – but you’re NOT. Stop blaming yourself for bad eating habits. There is an answer.

How do we stop this food madness and learn how to control sugar cravings?

The science behind the causes and fixes will surprise you. Before I get into the details on how to stop sugar cravings, let me quickly tell you about my first-hand experience.

I used to really struggle with my junk food cravings. Yep, you could even say I was addicted.

I love to move – I’ve always loved sport – and a few years ago, I injured my ankle tendon (realllyyy badly). In fact, it’s an injury I’m still affected by today. I wasn’t allowed to move around at all, and even if I wanted to, the pain was just too much.

how to stop sugar cravings - curb sugar cravings

To make things worse, it happened at a time where I was about to begin studying for my very first SAT exams. As a home/unschooler, it was exciting to start such an experience, but also terrifying at the same time.

Full of stress that I wouldn’t score well, that I wouldn’t be good enough, and full of a budding depression that I couldn’t channel my feelings through activity, I turned to food. More specifically, I turned to sweets and processed snacks.

Long story short, it was a bit of a disaster. I did well in my exams, but before I knew it, I had gained over 30 pounds. I felt inflamed and sick, and my hormones went way off balance.

how to stop sugar cravings - curb sugar cravings

At the time, I didn’t know how to get over sugar addiction. I didn’t know how to stay away from sugar at all!

I was devastated. I felt insecure, stuck, guilty, stressed, out-of-control, and unhappy. My family was begging me to realize something was wrong.

how to stop sugar cravings - curb sugar cravings

It was in that moment that I committed to changing my mindset and my diet, which included fighting my way to cutting out sugar, and most importantly, finding balance in my life and food. It was hard (really hard), and a very long journey.

I started researching sugar and how to reduce it in my diet, but no matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find anything that could really help. Out of desperation, I set about developing my own system that would help me heal myself and my sugar addiction, a system that would end up becoming my Cut the Sugar Program.

The Cut The Sugar Program

I am the example of what you CAN DO if you choose not to give up and throw in the towel. I am just like you – I feel fear, fear is a part of daily life, but you cannot let that fear define you. Instead use that fear to invite growth.

how to stop sugar cravings - curb sugar cravings

How to get rid of sugar cravings – I called on my family for support

I was lucky to have a family that believed in and supported me, which some people aren’t lucky enough to have.

My journey is what lead me to want to create a place called, where I could share my raw experiences, and a community where people could get through their own experiences with care and support, without all of the trial and error that I had to get past.

I now have an awesome balance with my food. I learned how to stop sugar cravings. Now I have complete control and couldn’t be happier. I can eat half a doughnut and not feel compelled or urged to finish it. One pretzel can be eaten from the bag the rest safely left for another time. I can go grocery shopping without wanting to throw a family-size chocolate bar in the cart (or trolley, for Brits like myself).

This is why I really want to write this post, and thank Elly for allowing me to share my experience and advice with you. I am glad she found my experience worth sharing with others.

Now you understand where I’m coming from, let’s get back to your junk food and sugar cravings.

What I’ve learned is that learning how to stop junk food and sugar cravings come from both internal and external factors. You don’t need to just rely on willpower and self-esteem to reduce sugar cravings. You also need to fix the specific internal and external issues that are affecting you.

Looking to specifically curb sugar cravings?

I’ve recently got into the details of why you crave more sugar in my Why You Are Obsessed With Sugar (& How To Fix It) post. Make sure to check that out especially if your cravings are more sweet (like ice cream, chocolate, etc.) than junky foods (like chips, fried chicken, etc.).

What causes cravings for certain foods can vary significantly between each individual, so it can be difficult to address every single trigger perfectly for every single person. For example, your cravings may be caused by boredom and a poor relationship with a family member, while your neighbor may use junk food to comfort them after a long stressful day.

To get to your own base sugar craving causes, you’ll need to sit down and work on some introspection.

how to stop sugar cravings - curb sugar cravings

If you want to start taking action on how to stop sugar cravings, write down notes on your emotional triggers. Write down how you feel when a craving hits and what situation causes you to want to eat. Then record what you experience when you eat your favourite junk food (pleasure, comfort, shame, etc.), and how you feel afterwards.

You can find dozens of worksheets to help you with this in Cut the Sugar, but these introspective triggers are a great way to start working on your sugar cravings causes. These internal factors can really impact your food habits.

The Cut The Sugar Program

However, on the external factor front, the good news is that there are many general hacks and habits you can implement today that can help you cut down on junk food cravings that are one-size fits all. Yep, they work for everyone, including me!

How to stop sugar addiction

Here’s what you can do to reduce sugar cravings and beat junk food urges.

How to curb sugar cravings: Don’t Go Cold Turkey – Keep It Warm

First of all, I want to start by saying that I don’t want you to go ‘cold turkey’ right away. Getting out of a sugar craving cycle is not easy.

Yes, it’s true that eating sugar begets eating more sugar, because it dulls your taste buds and increases reliance.

But, if you just up and quit junk food cold turkey, you likely get withdrawal symptoms and you will crave junk and sugary foods like crazy. This is why most attempts fail.

The easier approach would be to slowly reduce the amount of sugar on a daily basis to curb sugar cravings gently. Remember, slowly slowly catchee monkey. The more you very gradually reduce sugar, the less reliant your body will become. And by keeping a certain amount of sugar in your diet at first, your body won’t go into total shock.

Having some nourishing snacks on hand that are high in healthy fats (such as the amazing pili nut) can help with satiation and controlling blood sugar levels. This can make you less likely to reach for the sweet stuff, or at least help balance it out.

You might think you can never quit your favourite junk foods, but trust me, your taste buds do adapt.

Be Wary of Store-Bought Items if you want to stop sugar cravings

Always stay on alert for added sugar and not-so-good-for-you ingredients. Sugar is hidden in most of the items in your local grocery shop. You must learn how to read nutrition ingredients to identify hidden sugar. While you think you’re cutting out sugar, you might just be eating it some other way you’re unaware of.

Sugar hides under other names, so some common names of sugar you should be wary of are:

  • high-fructose corn syrup
  • sucrose
  • glucose
  • dextrose
  • fructose,
  • maltose
  • refiner’s syrup
  • yellow sugar
  • lactose
  • agave nectar
  • fruit sugar
  • fruit nectars
  • beet sugar
  • cane juice
  • caramel
  • raw sugar
  • brown sugar
  • maltodextrin
  • rice syrup
  • molasses
  • barley malt
  • maple syrup
  • castor sugar
  • coconut palm sugar
  • coconut sugar
  • confectioner’s sugar
  • corn sweetener
  • corn syrup

You can find a list of 45+ different names for sugar in my Cut the Sugar Program.

The Cut The Sugar Program

Always keep in mind that food companies and marketers don’t usually care about your health. They want to make their product as appealing as they can and all they care about is short-term pleasure, which means including addictive substances in their ingredients without getting caught.

We have to avoid their food addiction trap, because what they think of as short-term pleasure for us is actually leading to long-term problems, like depression and serious chronic health conditions.

How to stop sugar cravings naturally – just chill out!

Stress is something I know all too well, and something that we all become a little bit too acquainted with from our teenage years onward. It also happens to be one of the most (if not the most) common reason for junk food cravings.

That doesn’t mean that all stress is evil. Yes, there is such thing as good stress, but there’s also a bad stress which needs to be constantly watched.

No matter how hard we work to avoid negative stressful situations, they always manage to pop up in our daily lives. That’s not going to change. But we need to learn how to deal with them in a different and positive way so we can learn how to stop craving sweets. This can help you overcome the addictive pull of junk food.

Now you maybe asking, ‘Isabelle, what exactly is the reason why we eat junk to cope with stress?’

Well, stress can cause certain parts of your brain to release particular chemicals (opiates and neuropeptide Y). These opiates and neuropeptide Y cause mechanisms that are quite similar to cravings from fat and sugar.

how to stop sugar cravings - curb sugar cravings

It goes back to a time in our evolution when stress meant that we were in danger or were running the risk of a bad food harvest, meaning that a food shortage may follow. In response, our brains and bodies would get us to stock up on hearty foods so we would be able to survive.

This is also another reason why it especially hard to curb sugar cravings.

We had to stock up on sweet spring and summertime fruits before the risky autumn harvests. Most of us obviously don’t need this response anymore, but unfortunately your brain still feels an addictive call of fatty and sugary foods.

But remember, as I said before there is both good and bad modern day stress – one that increases cravings and one that helps us increase our internal efficiency. Let’s talk a little bit more about it.

Good stress is acute. Good stress will boost you into action and increase efficiency.

For example, exercise is a wonderful positive stress. It is acute and acts as a stressor, but the long term effect helps manage chronic stress (yep, certain stress can help you reduce stress), boosts our mood, and also improves our ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress. Nothing makes you grumpier than a bad night’s sleep, am I right?!

how to stop sugar cravings - curb sugar cravings

Now, chronic stress is a good example of bad-for-you stress. It has a very negative impact on the brain and whole body. I’ve had it, and it’s not fun. Chronic stress is a response to emotional stress suffered over a long period of time. It’s something that a person perceives they have little or no control over.

Examples related to chronic stress include serious life events like the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, loneliness, overworking, or ongoing marital problems.

Did you know even external factors like air pollution, noise pollution, processed foods can act as stressors for our body too?

On top of the increased food cravings, prolonged chronic mental stress can also lead to increased blood pressure, which predisposes a person to getting a stroke.

Symptoms of chronic stress can include:

  • Depression or general unhappiness.
  • Anxiety and agitation.
  • Moodiness, irritability, or anger.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Loneliness and isolation.
  • Other mental or emotional health problems.
  • Neuroendocrine dysfunction.
  • And weight gain.

Stress and your sugar cravings

The hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis is affected whenever we are stressed.

Stress produces cortisol which gives negative feedback to our HPA axis (central stress response system) which activates our sympathetic system. The sympathetic nervous system activates what is often called ‘the fight or flight response’.

The thing is, if we don’t turn off our fight or flight response by activating the parasympathetic system (opposite of sympathetic system), we get chronic stress. This phenomenon leads to cravings.

Simple ways to reduce stress | how to stop sweet cravings by reducing stress

Trying some simple breathing techniques or learning to meditate is the quickest way to tell your body ‘no’ to fight or flight responses.

You could also try something more physical like exercise, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture or getting a massage.

Make sure not to smoke or eat unhealthy foods as stress relief – it will only provide temporary relief. And remember, one of our goals in easing stress is reducing cravings. In the long term, it will only damage your mind and body.

Another effective technique is being more mindful of your emotions. Instead of judging your emotions or running on autopilot, observe what you’re feeling and acknowledge them. You can write it down in your private journal to relieve stress. Speaking with close friends also helps.

Mindfulness to reduce stress and stop sugar cravings

Personally, mindfulness is my favourite way to reduce chronic stress. If you’re not already familiar with it, mindfulness is a practice that involves being fully focused on the present moment and bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings. If you want to read more into how mindfulness works, check out this blog post).

Mindfulness has even been shown to enhance weight loss and promote healthy eating habits. I even have a FREE easy 4 Day step-by-step Mindfulness Challenge you can do to get a hang of the practice.

More ways to decrease stress and curb sugar cravings

Also to reduce chronic stress as well, try playing, laughing, exercising or going for a walk in nature will help.

Finally, get a good night’s sleep. Obviously the sleep required will vary depending on your age and lifestyle, but if you’re not sure how long you need to optimally sleep for, make sure you get around 7–9 hours of sleep in general. If you’re a poor sleeper, make sure to really focus on the quality of your sleep.

How to stop sugar cravings naturally – Let’s Talk About the “Outer Ring” Strategy & “Five Ingredient Rule”

They may sound a bit strange upon first reading, but these two methods will help you avoid packaged foods, as well as impulse buys for something sweet and/or salty (like those Lays dill chips or those mini Keebler cookies).

Here’s what you do. When grocery shopping, limit yourself to buying foods that are on the outer ring of the store. That means avoiding the aisles in the center of the store. This is because the outer ring of the store generally tends to have more whole foods like fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, yogurts, etc.

Yes, you’ll also find some unhealthier foods in areas such as the bakery section, but this method will help you be more health-conscious when shopping and you’ll tend to avoid those not-so-nourishing foods. [And you can try this healthy pantry essentials guide and also this one, to help you make better decisions when you do need to get something from the center aisles].

Now, the ‘five ingredient rule’ is a method I use every single time I go grocery shopping. Here’s how it works: if there are more than five ingredients on a food label, then it is likely a victim of food processing.

So, if something has more than five ingredients, don’t buy it.

I’m aware that some foods really do need more than five ingredients, so alternatively (and less harshly) you could make a note of that food item, and google all of those ingredients to make sure that each and every one of those ingredients are all needed to make the food and are completely natural.

If a food violates the five-ingredient rule and you found that the extra ingredients are no good for you and addictive, then try to avoid it and find a more natural replacement. Of course, you could always buy it once in a while as a treat instead of leaving it as an everyday purchase.

Keep Your Brain on Its Toes – Keep It Varied to stop sugar cravings

Your brain craves novelty. It just does.

So you see, your brain loves the novelty of dynamic contrast, which is a combination of different sensations in the same food. Simply put, foods with dynamic contrast have a crunchy edible shell followed by soft or creamy textures and are full of taste-active compounds.

Dynamic contrast is moment-to-moment sensory contrast from ever-changing properties of foods manipulated in the mouth. Ice cream is an example: ice cream is something put in your mouth as a cold solid and then melts into a warm liquid.

Another example would be cereal. A bowl of breakfast granola cereal starts crispy, and after the first milk pour slowly starts to turn into something soft and (depending on the milk) almost creamy. Yum!

Dynamic contrast isn’t only limited to foods that change texture upon eating. It can also describe foods that have multiple textures in each bite (from the start), like pizza. Pizza is deliciously crispy on the outside, while soft and warm on the inside. The dynamic contrast of crispy and soft keep you coming back for slice-after-slice!

What to eat when craving sweets – the dynamic contrast approach

This rule applies to a variety of our favorite junk food structures – like fries, burgers, cookie dough, ice cream, Oreos, potato chips, and even crème brûlée – hence why we love the sensation of eating them.

However, dynamic contrast isn’t simply limited to junk food. You may not be able to replicate the crunchy/creamy contrast of an ice cream and brownies, but you can still vary what you eat just enough to keep your brain interested.

For example, one of my favourite things to snack on is crunchy red pepper slices with some creamy guacamole and cold salsa. Similarly, finding ways to add new spices and flavors to your dishes can make eating healthy foods a more desirable experience for your brain.

So, make sure you mix up your healthy foods with different recipes, ingredients, and flavours to get different sensations and you’ll find it easier than eating the same healthy foods over and over again. It’ll help you curb sugar cravings and lessen your desire for junk foods – I’m looking at you French fries!

Learn to Love Your Greens (Like Popeye) to reduce sugar cravings

The most important key to getting your body adjusted to your low-sugar lifestyle is to help your body along so it starts craving healthier snacks instead of the junk you were eating before.

Start small and incorporate a small side of veggies into every meal and whenever possible.

Plus, eating veggies, which are high in fiber, will help you curb cravings. Fiber is important for reducing your appetite as well as for stopping sugar cravings. This is a win-win.

If you’re interested in how to stop sugar cravings using nutritional supplements, first ensure you’re getting your greens! Supplements are just that – supplementary. They should never be viewed as a replacement for simple healthy eating.

Be careful of marketing for supplements to stop sugar cravings. Once you’re regularly incorporating foods that curb sugar cravings (like greens!) and are applying my lifestyle advice on how to stop craving sugar, your body should be more balanced and you shouldn’t need to take any specific supplement to reduce your cravings.

If you need a bit of a boost in the greens department, you could try adding a greens powder to your nutrition regime (in addition to eating your greens!)

Ultimate Guide To Crushing Your Sugar Cravings Isabelle mcKenzie

Get Colorful: Use The ‘Three Color’ Rule to curb sugar cravings

Recently studies have found that many people prefer three food items and three different colors on their plates, compared with more or less of either.

Which means instead of reaching for a pint of chocolate ice cream, opt for nuts, grapes, and a small dark chocolate nibs to get a healthy variety of colors, textures, and nutrients. Your brain will find the three color snack more appealing, helping you crave it more than that pint of chocolate ice cream.

How to stop sugar cravings by Shattering Yo’ Routines

It only takes two months before a new behavior becomes automatic — well 66 days, to be exact.

This means if you (and your stomach) currently associate 4pm snack time with a quick walk to get a frappe and scone, replace it with a new tradition of taking a quick walk around the block and sitting a few minutes on a bench with some orange slices.

This will help destroy those 4pm frappe and scone cravings.

how to stop sugar cravings - curb sugar cravingsMake Healthy Food Your Treat Food if you want to stop eating sugar

Train your brain to crave healthy food as a treat in place of, well, treat food.

Instead of storing chocolate bars and/or barbecue potato chips in your desk at work for an occasional afternoon treat, pack some strawberries, cocoa nibs, and sugar-free yogurt (try some thick greek yoghurt perhaps with some vanilla mixed in) for your office’s fridge and eat that instead.

Or, instead of going crazy with sweet syrups for your weekend treat pancakes, have them with some sour cream and chives instead, or some unsweetened whipped cream. It’ll be easier to curb sugar cravings AND be a lot healthier.

Search for some delicious, simple and healthy recipes that are based on whole grains, healthy fats and vegetables. The combination of healthy carbohydrates, fat and protein will help to reduce the likelihood of wanting a sweet treat after dinner.

It’s all about getting healthier foods established as what you look forward to instead of sweet or junky ones. Eventually (with training and repetition) your brain will change its craving routine from poor food choices to better ones.

Keep Healthy food on Hand to reduce sugar cravings

The times during which you are hungry are the most dangerous periods for breaking your health habits. Remember the phrase ‘never shop when hungry’? Yep, it’s kinda like that.

You need to prepare your house, bag, lunchbox, car, etc. for when you’re hungry. Store healthy foods you eat in the front and center of your fridge and counter tops, and portable snacks in convenient bags or storage locations so you are never left unprepared while on the go.

After all, chips and other not-so-nourishing snack foods can be so easy to dig into; all you have to is grab a bag. You need to make your healthy foods just easy (if not easier) to grab and eat.

Try keeping some pre-sliced banana on hand ready to be dipped into all-natural peanut butter, or a small (preferably Pyrex glass) container of hummus and veggies. The fact it’s already prepared will make it even more tempting.

Overcoming sugar addiction | Identify Your Trigger Foods & Give Them the Axe

You need to know the junk foods that trigger your spirals into junk food binging.

Whether you are particularly partial towards sweets like caramel and chocolate, or salty like chips and French fries, you need to know it and steer clear of those foods.

Identify your favorite junk foods and keep them out of the house. You don’t need to just throw them out though (especially with food waste being so prevalent). Leave them with a friend or donate unused portions.

If you live with anyone talk to them and make sure that they know to keep that food out of the house too. This is really important especially when you’re only just starting out in reducing junk food from your diet.

You won’t yet have control of your hunger urges, so it’s really safest to not have it around.

How to cure sugar addiction | Make Your Favorite Foods Seem Gross

One great way to crave less processed foods is to learn more about what you’re actually eating.

If you want to know how to quit sugar addiction, Get ready to cringe:

That cold Coca cola you love is formulated to get you high. What?

Each can of Coke contains 10 teaspoons of sugar – otherwise known as 100 percent of your recommended daily intake. In normal circumstances, the extreme sweetness of this much sugar would immediately cause you to vomit uncontrollably.

However, since all that sugar is addictive and keeps you coming back for more, Coca-Cola adds phosphoric acid – an ingredient that cuts the sweetness to manageable levels. Yep, my stomach’s hurting too!

Craving a Strawberry McDonald’s milk shake? No, I don’t think so.

Apparently, real strawberries are too expensive, so fast food companies like McDonald’s choose to use a ridiculous concoction of 50 chemicals, including artificial sweeteners, to effectively imitate the flavor of the one real-world food.

These chemicals include ethyl acetate (used in glues, nail polish removers), phenythyl alcohol (used in eye area makeup) and solvent. No, I don’t fancy drinking my nail polish either.

How about some jelly beans? What has been added to them?

Well you know that bright glossy sheen on your jelly beans? It comes from shellac, an ingredient also found in hairspray and on your car to help make it shine. It comes from a resin found in trees created by insects. Yum.

And that Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino we find so yummy?

It contains more than 500 calories and 64 grams of sugar. The extra scary thing about this is that research even suggests that liquid sugar calories (a.k.a. the ones you drink) fail to elicit fullness signals that help regulate food intake. You guessed it – making you crave more!

Yuck! Lesson we’ve learned here today? If you thought you didn’t know how to control your sugar cravings before, just remember one of those facts to help you think before you eat!

How to stop sugar cravings by Chewing… Then Chewing Some More

Of course we all know that chewing more stops us from choking. But it also has other benefits!

If you chew more, you’ll likely eat less. Yep! Chewing automatically slows down the pace of your eating. This allows you to gradually feel yourself get full and then you’ll stop eating – so you eat less. And feeling naturally full will keep you from craving more food!

Eat One Piece of Food Mindfully to curb sugar cravings

You know the feeling: sitting at the desk with a bag of oreos, with the intention to eat just a few, and then next thing you know the bag is empty… oh, and you barely remember tasting it?

Well, you just ate mindlessly. What’s the point of eating if you don’t make sure to really enjoy the food?

What you need to do here is to reconnect with your mind and body during food consumption, using mindfulness. We talked about mindfulness a little bit before, so I’ll head straight in and give you this quick mindful eating exercise that will help you reconnect with body and senses.

A mindfulness exercise to help curb sugar cravings

All you need is a piece of your favorite food and a few minutes in a quiet space. For the purpose of this exercise, we’re going to use a small chocolate covered pretzel. If you want a bit of extra guidance for completing this exercise, you can find a free workbook with more detail here.

Mindful Eating Beginner Exercise Workbook

Let’s begin.

First, pick up the pretzel, and examine it. What do you notice?

How does it feel in your hand, how does it smell, how does it sound when you place it down? What are the colors and textures you see? Have you noticed them before?

Take a small bite of the pretzel. Do you like the snapping sound it made when you bit off the chunk?

Place the bite of pretzel on your tongue, and slowly move it in your mouth. What can you taste, what can you feel?

Melting chocolate? Salty chunks?

Start chewing it slowly, very slowly. Close your eyes for a moment to focus on the sensations of chewing and tasting.

Notice the texture of the food; the way it feels in your mouth.

Remain still as you swallow it, and then imagine the chewed slice of pretzel moving throughout your body. Go ahead and take another bite, repeating the mindful eating steps as the first bite.

When you’ve finally finished eating it ask yourself, ‘Does my body really need this? Do I need more of this sweetness? Can I be satisfied after simply enjoying the flavor? Can I only be satisfied with quantity, or can I enjoy the quality instead?’

How was your mindful eating experience?

Take a moment to truly reflect on this experience, and feel free to practice it as often as you like to train your mindful eating abilities.

Don’t worry it’s not crazy. Mindful eating helps stabilize anxiety, which balances your appetite and boosts digestion. It also boosts your parasympathetic dominance; basically a chemical reaction that slows down your heart rate and breathing to calm you.

How to stop sugar addiction (in conclusion)

So there you have it – you CAN beat you love of junk food AND successfully reduce sugar cravings.

Reducing the amount of sugar and junk food in your life is one of the most challenging things you can do, especially if you have a large dependence on it.

But here’s the thing to remember: small changes make the biggest differences, and as long as there is a will to change, there is a way. And of course, no matter how tough something is, the sun will always be there in the morning.

Still feel a little overwhelmed? No problem, I’ve got your back! I’ve created this special free ‘Ultimate Guide to Crushing Your Sugar Cravings’ to help you get started on beating your sugar addiction (or reliance) for good, and to show you that you CAN live in harmony with sugar without cutting it completely out of your diet.

Ultimate Guide To Crushing Your Sugar Cravings Isabelle mcKenzie

Need more? If you need a step-by-step plan with hands on support, check out my Cut the Sugar Program. It’s a full step-by-step transformational online program I originally created for myself to work through breaking sugar addiction.

It’ll help you conquer your sugar cravings permanently, easily, and without feeling deprived. You can check it out here!

The Cut The Sugar Program

What do you think of these tips on how to stop sugar cravings? Have you tried them? Which ones have been working best for you? Please leave a comment in the box below!

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