Do you need motivation to get fit?

motivation to get fit
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Motivation and exercise have an interesting relationship. It can be terribly challenging to find the motivation needed to exercise, but exercise itself is great for increasing motivation!  If you need motivation to get fit, then ultimately it will really need to come from inside you.  You’ll need to have a clear reason about why it’s important to you.  However, finding a friend or three to exercise with can provide an amazing ‘kick-up-the-butt’ when it comes to successfully carrying out a personal fitness plan.  It’s an especially important consideration if you are new to exercise and are looking for ways to make fitness a regular part of your lifestyle.

Accountability is one of the best motivational methods around. If you arrange to meet a friend at the gym, chances are that you’re not going to let them down.  If you can just get yourself to start moving (often the most challenging part) it is likely that you will continue, at least with that particular exercise session.  And with a friend to meet once you get there, working out will be easier with someone to push you along. If they’re making the effort to get moving it can help you to realize that you can do it too!

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The ultimate buddy to help you with motivation to get fit

If your budget allows, find yourself the ultimate accountability buddy and invest in a personal trainer or health and fitness coach. Small group training sessions are usually available to reduce the cost. Hiring a trainer for a few months can go a long way towards helping you continue by yourself. A good personal trainer will help you develop and implement a plan that includes sustainable, healthy habits.

Who would you like to spend more time with? Who do you know who energizes your spirit, inspires you, makes you laugh, and shares your value of improving health? These people make great training buddies and they can help you with motivation to get fit.  If you’ve been wanting to figure out how to make exercise fun, then this could also form part of that puzzle. A buddy can really take you a long way. I climbed  an extremely challenging mountain with one of my buddies!

Give your friend a call today and set up a regular ‘buddy training session’.  This could be once a week, a fortnight, or even once a month. That phone call may just help you take one step closer to feeling like you’ve got motivation to get fit!

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