Today’s guest post is pretty unique to anything else that’s on this holistic health and fitness site! You might initially think the topic sounds a bit ‘woo woo’, but I challenge you to read on. Have you heard about the spiritual response technique? If you eat well and exercise regularly but still struggle to lose weight, then this blog post could contain some very valuable insight for you. Deb Griffiths is an accomplished mind-set coach, spiritual energy healer and behavioral expert. Her explanation about spiritual response therapy will help you delve into the deeper reasons that you may find it hard to lose weight. – Elly xx

What is the root cause of weight gain?

How many times have your found yourself on a weight loss plan? Most people on a weight loss journey look to the standard methods of diet, exercise and supplements. However, something that is quite often overlooked is the root cause of the weight.  Many people put on weight as a protection mechanism, never realizing that that’s what they’ve done. Fears and past traumas that contribute to weight gain need to be energetically cleared and once they’re cleared, the need for the extra weight no longer exists. Spiritual response therapy and clearing energy blocks are two of the many methods which can clear the causal effects of people holding onto weight.



Stop going through the frustrating yo-yo effect of losing weight and then gaining it all back and more

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What is spiritual response therapy?

spiritual response therapyLet me explain further. Spiritual response therapy, also similarly known as Soul energy clearing, is a powerful energy healing technique that works at a soul level.

Spiritual response therapy removes subconscious programming, emotional patterns or issues. These are based on both your present and past lives. Spiritual response therapy clears energy blocks which may be interfering with your weight, inner peace, goal attainment, happiness, health and success.

Spiritual response therapy works to clear and dissolve spiritual blocks, stuck energies and more. It can be used as a form of weight loss therapy and could be considered as spiritual weight loss.

On a more physical level, everything is energy. You and I are comprised of energy, and so is the food we eat or mood we feel. Whenever two energies meet there is an energetic reaction that is either positive or negative.

If we relate this the foods we eat, some foods make us feel strong, while other foods make us feel weak. It could also be said that some foods trigger our body or system into a negative state of homeostasis also known as a reaction or intolerance.

Energy and weight loss are closely connected. From an energetic perspective, when we are feeling overweight, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful and negative we have been triggered by the reactive emotional energy charge that is still active in our subconscious mind. It shows up at a physical level and needs to be cleared. The clearing can be done through spiritual response therapy.

What energy blocks are holding you back?

The subconscious memory can hold onto energy blocks from a cellular level (this lifetime), an ancestral level, past life or soul level. These get triggered by a specific smell, location, event, behavior or feeling. This is where spiritual response therapy goes a long way to clearing energy blocks. When the negative energy that underlies physical, mental and emotional challenges is cleared, it frees the body, mind and spirit to experience a more positive expression.

Past programs such as self-punishment, self-limitation, and low self-esteem that block well-being and successful weight loss in this lifetime, may originate before birth, during early childhood or your teenage years. Releasing these through spiritual response therapy is both practical and transformative on your weight loss journey.

What are your limiting beliefs?

Negative self-talk or limiting core beliefs are another area that can be cleared using various forms of energy healing. Negative self-talk creates its own set of extra kilograms on the mind with thoughts like

“I can’t seem to lose weight”

“Why am I so fat”

“There is no time to exercise”

“I’m not good enough,” etc.

Whether true or not, we these beliefs exist in our subconscious mind. Our behaviors then align with these beliefs, even if we are not consciously aware of it. That is why so many people gain the weight back each time they lose it. Although their body has changed, they still have unworthy beliefs lodged deep in their subconscious mind.

By working with spiritual response therapy, other forms of energy healing and the body’s natural energy system, we can reprogram those negative inner statements and beliefs. We can turn them into positive ones, such as

“It’s safe for me to be thin”

“I love my healthy body”

“I’m worthy of success”

“I am fit and strong”

“Exercise is fun”

Once our behaviors are lined up with these positive thoughts, our bodies are naturally empowered to drop the excess weight! Are you ready to try spirit response therapy now?



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Where do your beliefs come from?

The meaning of a belief is something we have taken on as true regardless of having any proof. So, it is safe to say that if it is something our parents believed whether positive or negative we can choose to believe it too. Think about weight as an example. How often do you hear statements like;

“Big hips run in our family”




“Our parents carried fat around their stomach so you will too”.

I am sure you have heard some statements around weight. Maybe it was that your father told you when you were a teenager that your bum looked big in some pants or that you should start exercising more. All of these examples create negative self-talk or are the basis of our limiting core beliefs. We carry these around and sabotage ourselves, our self-esteem, confidence and weight.

This same thing applies to food. Maybe your mom, dad or someone else in your family was told not to eat a food or your ancestors didn’t eat them. At a deeper subconscious level that particular food may disagree with you at a physical level. It therefore affects your mind, body and soul.

Is spiritual response therapy some kind of a magical solution for weight loss?

Does spiritual response therapy, clearing of energy blocks, or the use of crystals for weight loss cure weight gain or magically bring about weight loss? No, I am not suggesting that at all. It does however clear many of the mechanisms our bodies have brought in for protection. It can remove anything we are carrying from our ancestral lineage that could be keeping us in the same repetitive weight gain patterns. Focusing on coaching and healing in combination is a formidable way to achieve success in all areas of your life.

I can help you to overcome energy blocks through spiritual response therapy. To find out more, please visit my website.

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Have you tried the spiritual response technique? If so we would love to hear about your experience. Do you have any questions for Deb about spirit response therapy? Do you now understand a little more about weight loss and energy? Please leave a comment in the box below!




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    Thanks for sharing the amazing benefits of the high-intensity interval for weight loss. It is more effective than moderate exercise for weight loss.

    • Elly McGuinness

      Thanks for your comment Elasa. I think you’re probably missing the point of the article. But yes, high-intensity interval training has been shown to be effective for weight loss. It’s not always the right choice for weight loss for many people however (e.g. highly stressed and adrenally fatigued women who need to get into their parasympathetic/rest and digest system in order to lose weight. People with these issues may lose weight with gentler forms of exercise more so than intense forms).

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    I like this holistic approach that gets to the root problem.

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    This is great. There is so much more to weight loss than calories in, calories out.

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      Definitely Elise. I’m not a fan of the calorie equation at all. There are so many other factors that influence whether a person will lose weight or not. It was really interesting to have Deb Griffiths take things to an even deeper level with this blog post.

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    Love this positive approach…..perspective is so important and I like your actionable tips.

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