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Spring and summer are common seasons for people to want to lose weight or get their ‘beach body’ into ‘tip-top shape’. This might be so that they feel more comfortable in a swimsuit, or perhaps they just want more energy to participate in games such as beach cricket. You might even be wondering how to get a summer body in 2 weeks or how to get a summer body fast.

Of course, you want that. Instant results sound much more sexy and appealing than boring old long term sustainable changes.

However, the latter ones are ALWAYS the ones I promote on this site as part of my holistic health and fitness philosophy.

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How to get bikini body ready

If you have a body and you have a bikini, then you are bikini body ready. Wearing a bikini is a matter of choice and the confidence to do so isn’t necessarily related to how fit or toned your body is.

Perceptions vary greatly on this topic. Personally, I think that if you want to wear a bikini, then wear one. It will be your own perceptions, preferences, confidence levels, and belief system that will determine your thoughts on this.

Overall I think it’s more important to gradually make a mindset shift towards focusing on strong, fit, healthy, happy, and functional bodies rather than a “bikini-ready body”.

Over time you can peel through the layers of societal conditioning and limiting beliefs and give yourself plenty of body positive love. This doesn’t mean that you stop striving to reach your goals. You simply do so with a big dose of self love thrown in along the way.

It should be noted that a fit, strong and lean summer body is achieved through year-round efforts. Think also about whether you’re ready to move beyond the yo-yo effect for a long term change.

However, if you’ve hibernated for much of the winter, all hope is not lost! If you’re ready to take the next positive step towards improving your health and fitness, then following these tips will help to get you on track.

Before we get started, I just want to check that you are feeling well? If you’ve got a winter cold still hanging around, head over to this blog post. It has some great tips to help you feel better before the summer season. This is a crucial first step towards a strong, fit, and healthy summer body.

How to get a fit summer body (summarized):

  1. Eat nourishing foods, limit processed foods, and keep yourself hydrated

    Choose whole foods (‘real’ food) and make sure you hydrate well, especially in between meals and after exercise

  2. Move your body by carrying out an appropriate and personalized exercise program

    The best fitness plan is the one that you enjoy enough to repeat often enough to get the results you want!

  3. Prioritize sleep and relaxation (because this is when the “magic” happens)

    Important physiological and psychological repair (including muscle growth) happens during sleep

  4. Spend time with likeminded people (you’ll become more like the people you spend the most time with)

    It’s easier to make healthy choices and be active when you’re hanging around other people who share the same values

1. Eat and drink well

The simple focus for a summer body diet (and year-round diet for that matter) is plenty of water, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Supplement these with meat, eggs, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. [Check out these awesome low carb nuts that aren’t only for those on a keto diet!]

Limit processed food as much as possible, which can contribute to a decrease in energy levels and impaired fat burning ability.

Start by thinking about one healthy step you can take towards your ideal summer body by improving your nutrition. A piece of fruit to snack on in the morning? An extra glass of water each day? An extra vegetable added to your evening meals? Homemade instead of bought lunches?

If you’re eating amazingly well but still feel like you’re lacking in nutrients, you might want to consider giving yourself a vitamin boost. Perhaps you were sick a lot over the winter and your energy levels are feeling low? Find out all about IV vitamin therapy and how it could help to regain your energy levels.

If you know you need to cut back on sugar then try this free guide to crushing your sugar cravings.

(This post includes affiliate links for which I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase)

Ways to use summer fruits as part of a healthy summer diet

The fruits on offer to you over summer will vary depending on where you live. The summer months in New Zealand bring a bounty of delicious fruits.  Stone fruits (apricots, peaches, nectarines and plums) are in season, melons bring a subtropical taste to the palate, and berries are in abundance.

These fruits are all as yummy (ok, so that’s subjective, but I think many will agree with me!) ‘as they come’.  Therefore it’s not necessary to prepare them except for some simple chopping (e.g. watermelon or rockmelon), or leaving behind of the stone in the center where necessary (hello simple summer nutrition!)

However, should you be looking for some healthy inspiration to take to a shared afternoon tea, or just something extra yummy, check out these 5 tips for using your summer fruits:

Summer fruit smoothies

Berries or currants combined with bananas and blended together with coconut water make delicious summer smoothies. 

Add a little honey if it’s not sweet enough for you and experiment with different types of fruit.  Oranges and tangelos are also in season and can work well.  Fruit can also be cut up and frozen, then used for the smoothie when needed – no ice required!

fruit smoothies for a healthy summer body diet

Nourishing frozen treats for summer

Blend your favorite fruit in a high-speed blender and pour or spoon (depending on how thick it is) into ice cube trays or ice block holders.  Add a toothpick to each cube if you’re using an ice cube tray, wait for them to freeze, and enjoy (not just for kids!). 

You can also simply freeze your blended fruit in a container, and then eat it like ice cream.  Play around with different fruit combinations – no water necessary.

healthy summer fruit ice lolly for a fit summer body

Summer fruit kebabs

This is a novel and a bite-sized way to enjoy your fruit.  Chop your favorite fruits into bite-sized pieces and thread onto a skewer.  If you’re using bananas, squeeze some lemon juice over them to slow the browning process before you thread them onto the skewer.

Summer breakfast ideas

Chop up any type of fruit and add to your morning cereal.  You can go grain-free if you prefer and instead add some natural yoghurt, and raw nuts or seeds if desired. 

Cinnamon is a yummy flavour to sprinkle on top, or you can add a drizzle of maple syrup if extra sweetness is required. 

Berries and currants don’t need to be chopped – they’re perfectly bite-sized already!

fresh fruit, nuts and seeds with museli for a fit summer body

Innovative summer fruit ideas

Turn your rockmelon or watermelon into a fruit bowl by cutting it in half and scooping out the flesh.  Chop some of the flesh up; add your other favorite fruits…then place inside your melon bowl for an innovative fruit salad. 

2. How to get a summer body: Move your body!

Find a physical activity that you love to do and repeat it often enough so that you will get a result. Include some cardio (‘huffy puffy’) exercise as well as some resistance training (e.g. weights or body-weight exercises, or a resistance-based exercise class in the gym).

This will help ensure all the physical systems of the body are getting a great workout and that you’re progressing towards increased muscle tone, energy levels, and heart and lung health.

plank exercise for a fit summer body

If you want to do an exercise session from home, you’ll probably want to check out my complete guide to using exercise resistance bands. It even includes two full workouts for you and could be a great next step to work towards your summer body goals.

I’ve also got a great ‘anytime, anywhere’ exercise pdf. It includes exercises for your upper body, lower body, and midsection, and it doesn’t require any equipment. You can click here to get this free full-body workout plan. There are three progression levels for each exercise so you can choose the one that suits you best.

3. Prioritize sleep and relaxation

The body repairs and burns fat when it is in a relaxed state. Therefore it is crucial to prioritize an early bedtime, ideally by 10:30pm to stay in line with normal circadian rhythm.

You should also plan some relaxation into your day, every day. One of the easiest ways to do this when you are busy is to stop a couple of times a day. Close your eyes and focus on ten long slow deep breaths. You can also check out this free 4-day mindfulness discovery program. You will be amazed at what effective rest and relaxation will do for your energy levels. It will help you make faster progress toward your summer body goals.

If you have trouble with sleep, find out about the factors that can affect it, and how to get better sleep. You can also check out my holistic weight loss book on Amazon, which has a whole chapter dedicated to better sleep.

4. Spend time with like-minded people

Spend time with people who share your values of health and fitness. It is common to adopt similar habits and lifestyles to those whom we spend the most time with. So find friends, family members and colleagues who help inspire you. Spend more time with them and notice how your motivation to eat healthily and exercise regularly improves.

If you enjoyed this article, you might want to read this epic fitness motivation post. Also, check out all my commonly asked holistic health questions and answers (covering holistic health coaching topics such as exercise, healthy eating, weight loss, stress, and sleep).

What will your next step be towards your summer body goals? I’d love to hear about it so feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Thando

    Thank you for raising this great way of losing weight, it was really helpful.

  2. victoria

    o.m.g this is so helpful

  3. Annie

    Good tips Elly for getting fitter, toned and healthier as summer approaches.

    I generally lead a healthy lifestyle but as I’m getting older I’m finding it harder to stay toned. Do you think this is partly due to my age or would you say I’m not doing enough exercises that will help with muscle tone? On average how many times a week would you suggest and for how long? The age I am referring to is 60’s.

    Thanks for the workout options using a resistance band.

    • Elly McGuinness

      Hi Annie! Muscle mass naturally peaks sometime around our early thirties. So from then onward it’ll be harder to build, and even maintain muscle mass. It becomes even more important to include resistance training (lifting weights, using resistance bands or doing bodyweight exercises like squats and push ups) as part of our exercise program as we get older. You’ll need to do these to a level that challenges your muscles and at the same time you need to be able to do them safely and effectively by using good technique. Certain activities of daily living will also help your muscles stay strong and toned. These include outdoor work like gardening, and taking the stairs instead of the lift.

      Nutrition will also play a big role in helping you to stay as toned as possible. This includes eating lots of ‘real food’. Protein foods are especially important to help your muscle tissues repair.

      Although we are fighting natural age related muscle decline as we get older, there is always opportunity to get stronger and more toned. I have met people who are well into their 70’s who are super toned and strong. Some of them are even stronger than they were in their 20’s and 30’s because they focus on this area of their health a lot more than they did back then. I know a lovely couple in their 70’s who recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, which I think is pretty amazing! They have kept themselves very strong and also look very toned compared to others in their age group.