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15/12/17 – Parenting Passports and Profits – 10 Day Sumatra Road Trip
13/10/17 – Total Health Magazine – Chaga mushroom health benefits
28/6/17 – Huffington Post – This Is How The Act Or Practice Of Meditation Can Help You Center Yourself
1/11/16 – Total Health Magazine – Top 8 reasons to choose organic
1/10/16 – Total Health Magazine – Choose organic for superior health benefits
1/09/16 – Total Health Magazine – Why choosing organic over natural is a healthy choice
1/08/16 – Total Health Magazine – Choosing organic to help protect against cancer
1/07/16 – Total Health Magazine – Organic food explained
1/06/16 – Total Health Magazine – Irradiated foods vs organic foods
1/05/16 – Total Health Magazine – Benefits of choosing organic food
2/03/16 – Total Health Magazine – Goal Setting Success for the Year Ahead
28/01/16 – Epic Mentors – Goal setting – health and fitness
15/12/15 – Epic Mentors – Tips to stay on track with your fitness over the silly season
1/12/15 – this & that – 5 ways to use your summer fruits
1/12/15 – Total Health Magazine – Tips to stay on track with your fitness over the silly season
12/11/15 – Epic Mentors – 4 steps to have your body ‘beach ready’ for summer
1/10/15 – Total Health Magazine – Focusing your efforts for fat burning success
1/09/15 – Total Health Magazine – Sustainable fat loss: a reality check
21/08/15 – Epic Mentors – 10 tips to get you through the last of winter
21/08/15 – Epic Mentors – Pantry essentials – Part2
22/07/15 – Epic Mentors – What’s the best type of exercise
24/06/15 – Epic Mentors – Motivation tip
31/05/15 – Epic Mentors – Start small
17/05/15 – Epic Mentors – The benefits of belly breathing
3/05/15 – Epic Mentors – What should I eat?
30/03/15 – Epic Mentors – How to feel better each day
1/03/15 – Epic Mentors – Desk stretches to help the effects of prolonged sitting
27/02/15 – Epic Mentors – Tips for more motivation
1/7/14 – New Zealand Fitness – Burning fat made easy
1/7/14 – New Zealand Fitness – Personal trainer of the month – Vicki Zumbraegel
1/4/12 – New Zealand Fitness – Sticking to your fitness regime – 5 top tips to keep you on track
1/03/12 – New Zealand Fitness – Personal trainer of the month – Cate Grace

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Mollyhopp: In August 2017 I started working with the Singapore based clothing brand MollyHopp; ‘body positive’ and luxury active wear in different sizes. See my blog post ‘Mollyhopp Clothing for Yoga and Running’ to learn more about Mollyhopp.

If you need someone to create content for your own (health and fitness) blog or website please contact me here to discuss your freelance writing project.

13/02/18 – Expat Go – Nature and adventure at Penang’s National Park
08/01/18 – Workplace Testing – Fostering the 5 essential elements of well-being in the workplace

November 17-January 18: Ghost writer for 50 articles for a health and fitness website catering to the South East Asian market. I wrote 5 articles per week for 10 weeks.

18/12/17 – Workplace Testing – A step by step guide to helping employees set personal wellness goals

November-December 17: Ghost writer for a mums fitness website in Australia. Produced 2 x 500 word articles

20/11/17 – Workplace testing – 10 Companies that are leading the way in Wellness
14 ways to create a workplace culture of wellness
DIY health and fitness tests that every workplace should consider
03/11/17 – Style Magazine – 2 Important signs of obsessive food behaviours
01/11/17 – Stalletto Magazine – 3 simple steps to prepare your body for a fit and healthy winter

October 17: Ghost writer for an online sporting goods and supplements company. Produced 30 x 300 word articles for them over the space of three weeks

September 17: Ghost writer for an article about Singapore airport

September 17: Ghost writer for a 2000+ word article about healthy snacks

01/09/17 – Style Magazine – The 80-20 nutrition principle for long term results and an interview with Kelly Rennie about fitness for busy mums 
07/07/17 – Style Magazine – 8 Healthy Habits for Office Workers

July 17: Produced 10 x ghost written post natal health and fitness articles for a ‘soon to be launched’ Australian post natal fitness website.

June 17: Wrote the ‘About’ page for a Malaysian vegan café with an attached yoga studio. Website soon to be launched.

1/06/17 – Style Magazine – Interview With Megan May From Little Bird Organics
7/04/17 – Style Magazine – 2 Simple Steps to Help You Bounce Back After an Easter Binge
5/04/17 – Style Magazine – Why Healthy Food Choices Are Overrated
2/03/17 – Style Magazine – Sugar – What’s The Big Deal?
17/01/17 – Style Magazine – A New Year…and a New You?
2/12/16 – STYLE MAGAZINE – Keeping Stress in Check Over the Silly Season
4/11/16 – Style Magazine – Simple Body Weight Exercises to Get You Set for Summer
7/10/16 – Style Magazine – Get Some Spring in Your Step – 5 Tips for Increasing Your Energy Levels
5/08/16 – Style Magazine – Winter Wellness Solutions
3/06/16 – Style Magazine – 5 Tips for Optimal Nutrition
1/04/15 – Style Magazine – Keep Track of Your Health with FITBIT

You can also see some of my portfolio at https://nz.pinterest.com/EllyMcGuinness/ellys-writing-portfolio/

October 2017 – House Sitting Magazine – How to keep fit while traveling
05/10/17 – Alibcandid Blog – Lost your way? 9 unique ways xennial women radiate success
31/08/17 – Fringe Fitness – A Holistic Approach to Health
August 2017 – workhomelife.com.au – Meet Elly, a freelance writer and online coach
17/08/17 – Seed+Soul – Adopting a Holistic Approach to Health: Absolute Love August
15/08/17 – Global Healing Exchange – 5 Bodyweight Exercises for Anytime, Anywhere Fitness
10/08/17 – Little Kiwis Nature Play – 7 Reasons Why New Zealand is the Best Country for Nature Play
04/08/17 – Consciously Living – My Conscious Living Journey
28/07/17 – Reflecting Beautiful – The Importance of Great Sleep Habits for Health and Wellbeing
July 17 – The Blonde Wanderlust – When a lifestyle business destroys your life
22/05/17 – Real Energy Food – The 3 Types Of Exercise You MUST Do For A Great Full Body Workout Routine
27/2/17 – Ocean Fit – Are you drinking enough water?
17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – How to get good quality sleep
17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – Top 4 tips to get lean and mean
17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – The best workout for weight loss
17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – How to read food labels for healthy eating
17/06/14 – Ocean Fit – 10 tips to stay healthy through winter
12/06/11 – Ocean Fit – Knowledge, skills and desire – The success combo

I am a degree qualified and highly experienced health and fitness practitioner as well as a regular blogger on the subject. 

If you need an interviewee for your holistic health and fitness related media project, or a media contributor, please reach out if I can be of assistance. I’d love to hear from you.

I am a degree qualified and highly experienced health and fitness practitioner. I am also a regular blogger on the subject.

If you need an interviewee for your holistic health and fitness related podcast, please reach out if I can be of assistance. I’d love to hear from you.

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