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Frequently asked questions (and answers!)

Accountability from a holistic health coach is a key factor in achieving the results you are after. A great holistic health practitioner will help you figure out what pieces are missing in your personal puzzle of optimal health. Then hold you accountable for finding them!

Taking a step beyond personal training, a holistic health practitioner will empower YOU to take control of your health and fitness. You’ll gain knowledge, skills and inspiration to make the decisions that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Choosing an online fitness coach like me helps you to use your time effectively. You can meet me for a video call from your home, office, or wherever you may be in the world!

You are unique and special so there are no generic plans or programs here. Every person is unique in their responses to exercise and food intake. As an experienced online holistic health coach with 15+ years industry experience, I will provide you with a personalised plan every step of the way.

I understand the challenges of thriving in both career and family life. I am looking forward to helping you take the next step towards achieving your personal health and fitness goals.

Find out more about my background and qualifications by reading my story.

You and I are probably right for each other if you:

  • Are a busy person who appreciates that travelling to and from sessions requires time that you’d rather save for other things.
  • Travel regularly and/or want to stay accountable to being healthy and fit, wherever you are in the world.
  • Are self-motivated to the extent that you can and will complete your own physical training sessions as agreed.
  • Understand that an online fitness coach is different to a ‘virtual personal trainer’ or ‘online personal trainer’. Sessions with me are not typically ‘exercise’ sessions unless for example you are working on an exercise technique where you require my feedback. However we will do a little bit of vitrual personal training when we carry out fitness tests to benchmark and measure your progress. And if you love the idea of having a virtual fitness trainer to push and motivate you through your physical training sessions I can certainly offer that as an additional service!
  • Are dedicated to treating online* fitness training and coaching sessions as you would face-to-face sessions (i.e. showing up/being available as agreed!)
  • Recognise that health is multi-factorial and that you may need to look at many different areas of your life to achieve a health and wellbeing goal. This may include things like spending less time with people who are dragging you down, minimising clutter and activities to create space for health and fitness, or perhaps even doing less exercise to achieve improved fitness!
  • Are frustrated by the mainstream medical system in as much as you hate getting rushed through, brushed off or being unable to make progress towards improving your health. I will take a holistic and integrative approach, allowing you to follow advice from your primary care physician, whilst at the same time taking a very in-depth look at your overall lifestyle.
  • Are a parent struggling with lack of time and energy to look after yourself. As a mother myself, I am well aware of the challenge to stay fit and healthy while juggling parental challenges and responsibilities.

*Any pre-agreed communication medium; e.g. FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype

I’ve helped people just like you to become fitter, stronger, healthier versions of themselves. Read and hear stories from real people who have been pretty stoked with the help they’ve received from me as their holistic health practitioner and online fitness coach

I have two different online fitness coaching packages. Choose the one most ideal for you.

Ideal for you if you want a program set up for the first time and are motivated to continue
Six (6) week programme

Personalized fitness plan and food diary analysis. Includes all resources and follow-ups

Ideal for you if you understand goals require ongoing commitment and accountability
Three (3) month minimum duration

All Kick-Starter features plus full lifestyle analysis and targets to implement

5 reasons why you'll enjoy AND value working with Elly

Your go-to online holistic health and fitness practitioner
  • Authentic, trusted and credible, Elly draws on 15+ years of industry experience to deliver her health and fitness coaching services.
  • Elly has the ability to ‘sift through the noise’ in order to respect your unique needs.
  • With a willingness to first and foremost help people, Elly will go the extra mile to help you and/or your project succeed.
  • Her skills have been refined by working with a diverse clientele in roles ranging from personal training, group fitness and mentoring, to tutoring and presenting.
  • Whether employed for online fitness coaching or her freelance fitness writer service, Elly’s high level of professionalism as a holistic health practitioner ensures you will have a relationship with open and effective communication.