As an online health and fitness coach I’m always trying to think of the best ways to help serve my community. Ultimately, I want to help you find the personalized health and fitness plan that will be right for YOU. This is the one that will get you right on track for the fitter, healthier lifestyle you deserve.

Check out the video (and get to the booking page). Or read the transcript below it to find out about my new, limited time offer to help you get on track to kick your health and fitness goals xx

Thank you so much for jumping on the Elly McGuinness Holistic Health Highway and taking a moment to engage with my free content. I really hope you enjoy consuming it as much as I enjoy creating it.

Now, whether your interests are sustainable weight loss, how to make time for fitness as a busy mom, or simply being a fitter, stronger version of yourself, I totally understand and I’m here to help. As an online health and fitness coach I guarantee I’ll always do my utmost to serve you with valuable free content that I know will help you lead your fittest and healthiest life.

Take effective action towards your health and fitness goals

online health and fitness coachAt the same time, I also know that some of you need a little extra nudge to help you get going or to take the next step. For example, there may be one burning question that’s holding you back. If you’ve got an answer that cut through the hype and made sense to you be up up and away so much quicker on the path that’s right for you.

But if you only read my free online holistic health content, you won’t get the changes you want when it comes to your health and fitness. You have to take effective action. I know that sometimes taking effective action requires an extra bit of commitment. This is why I’m now offering a limited number of 15 minute virtual coffees with me where you can “Ask Elly Anything”.

Yep, for around the price of two cups of coffee, you can ask me anything you want about your health and fitness. My professional experience and expert response as an online health and fitness coach may just give you the momentum you need to actually push on and make progress.

online health and fitness coach

It’s time to take action! Book in a virtual coffee with Elly, your online health and fitness coach

So, if you want to turn that burning question into a burning desire to take effective action, then click the button somewhere around this video and shout me that coffee. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be directed straight to my calendar. There you can book a mutually convenient time for us to chat in your own time zone.

And because you paid, I know you’re going to show up. In the meantime, enjoy your free content and remember to follow quiet reflection with effective action. If you need that extra nudge, that extra bit of support, I look forward to having a virtual coffee with you soon.

Bye for now, Elly (your experienced and professional online health and fitness coach)

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